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Thanks so much for visiting my site. My name is Lee. I am a happily married mom with two daughters. I started SkinCareForWrinkles.com because of my own experiences with my skin.

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When I was a teen I had beautiful skin. But as I aged I began to develop wrinkles and sun spots.  Though I took care of my skin, wearing a sunscreen, using gentle cleansers, sleeping on a silky pillowcase and taking other precautions, the fine lines became deeper and my skin did not improve. I did not want to look older than I was! I wanted to look pretty. So I tried a variety of treatments. And none of them worked.

My worst experience was when I went to a dermatologist for what he described would be a mild facial peel. I remember the shocked look on my best friends face when I stopped at her house, to pick up my children, after the treatment. I had gone to the doctor looking for something to make my skin look prettier and fresher. I had come out looking like a burn victim. My skin was bright red and flecked with white patches. I grabbed my kids, went home and cried for hours. I was so afraid I had permanently damaged my skin. I went back to the doctor the next day and he said I should have paid him more for giving me an even deeper peel! It took weeks for my skin to heal. Amazingly, it did heal and I decided I would never do anything to put my skin at risk like that again. But that did not stop me from wanting more beautiful skin.

I started reading and researching everything I could about wrinkles. I learned about men and women who had tried injections, facelifts, lasers and peels. Though some had good results, there were plenty of horror stories mixed in. In fact, in a survey of laser patients, 8 in 10 patients who have had laser surgery, even with good results have stated they would never have the procedure again! There were horrific stories of women who had been injected with low grade silicone to erase wrinkles and look prettier. The injected material shifted in their faces causing deformity and holes in some cases. Based on my experience with my peel I knew I would never have a facelift, laser surgery, another peel or do anything that could potentially damage my skin. I needed to find a way to reduce my wrinkles that was non-invasive, not painful and affordable.

After spending hours and hours researching skin and wrinkles, I discovered simple tips that helped my skin look instantly younger and fresher. I also found that new technology in wrinkle creams could help turn back the clock, easily and painlessly. There was no need for knives or painful medical procedures.

I share the results of my research on how to turn back the clock here, at my SkinCareForWrinkles.com site.  SkinCareForWrinkles.com shares simple ways you can look fresher and glow in minutes and for a lifetime. I have also researched  many of  the wrinkle creams on the market. Some of these reviews are shared here at,  SkinCareForWrinkles.com.

Today I am often complemented on how soft and glowing my skin looks.  I never wear a foundation but use a light tinted moisturizer instead. My regime is simple; a mild cleanser, gentle exfoliation, toner(occasionally), sunscreen (always) and a good wrinkle cream.

Many wrinkle creams have microscopic crystals and other ingredients that give the skin a more luminous glow and lift the skin within minutes.  But they need time to provide long lasting results. Since everyone’s skin is different, the best thing to do is to try one. Give it time to work. However, if you find in the first few weeks, you are not seeing any results, return it. Read my reviews to learn more about each wrinkle treatment product, customer satisfaction, return policy and more.

It is important to note that I am an affiliate of the products on this site and I am compensated for sales. I share my findings on each product whether it be good or bad. I take into consideration customer feedback, reviews, product ingredients, the company itself and much more when sharing information on each product. Keep in mind different products will work differently for everyone. Be sure to return a product in the time period if you are unhappy.

We all want beautiful skin and there are so many things we can do! I would love to hear about your experiences with your skin care, what works for you and what you need help with. Please leave a comment or email me at Lee@SkinCareForWrinkles.com

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Beautiful skin is priceless!

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