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Mini Exercise Bike and Mini Stair Stepper

Exercise not only helps you stay in shape but it can help turn back the clock on aging skin and help the skin stay youthful and beautiful. See my post on exercise for Younger Looking Skin. But sometimes it can be difficult to fit in exercise or maybe you just do not enjoy exercising so you do it as little as possible.

One easy solution is to invest in a mini stair stepper or a mini exercise bike. These little pieces of fitness equipment are not only very affordable but they are convenient, easy to use and make exercising simple.

Place the mini stair stepper or mini exercise bike under your desk or near your chair. Use it when you are chatting on the phone, doing office work or watching TV. Because you are focused on other things the time spent will fly by and before you know it, you will have fit in a good exercise session.

One of the best ways is to use your mini stair stepper or mini exercise bike is to plan the exercise each day. Using a mini push button timer with a pause function, set a length of time to use the mini exercise bike or mini stair stepper. 

So for example, you may set it for 40 minutes.  As you work on your computer just step or cycle away on your mini stair stepper or mini exercise bike. You will find time flys by and before you know it your exercise session is up! If your time is interrupted, use the pause function on your mini timer and resume later.  For a timer pick up one that allows you to plug in numbers without having to press one button to go up and down and has a pause function. If you are interrupted you can finish later. West Bend Timer or the one I have a Sunbeam Timer.

Look for a mini stair stepper or mini exercise bike that won’t squeak or move about on the floor. I have the Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle and love it! Amazon also carries a variety of mini stair steppers like this one Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper

I can’t stress how easy this is to fit in your exercise. The results smoother, younger skin and voila less wrinkles!

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