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Sun Spots on Skin

Sun spots on skin caused by over exposure to the sun are flat patches that form in a range of colors including grey, black and brown.  Also known as age spots and liver spots, sun spots range in size and generally appear in older adults.

The best prevention for sun spots on skin is to wear a quality sunscreen and minimize sun exposure. Areas of the body that are not generally exposed to the sun, the buttocks, for example rarely have sun spots.  Some skin types, fair skin and skin that burns easily are more likely to develop them.

Though generally harmless these pigmented areas can be very aging and unattractive.  Especially as they are in such visable areas such as the face, hands and arms.

There are several solutions for sun spots on skin including lasers. One common method is the use of the skin bleaching ingredient hydroquinone.  Though hydroquinone can lighten the skin it has been associated with liver, kidney, thyroid and other damage.

For sun spots on skin we recommend the natural solution from Dermology Skin Care, Dermology Skin Brightener. This product contains arbutin to reduce dark areas, lumiskin to promote even skin tone, the antioxidant grapefruit extract along with other natural ingredients that help reduce sun spots on skin, scars, rosecea and more.

This is a very affordable, effective product to use on all parts of the body.  Dermology Skin Care comes from the very reputable Market Health.  If you have sun spots on skin get a free trial of Dermology Skin Brightener.

Use Dermology Skin Brightener along with a good sunscreen and you will quickly improve the appearance of the sun spots and help your skin to a more youthful glow.

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