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Argireline the Botox Alternative

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If you have thought about getting botox injections or other fillers as an anti wrinkle fighter you may want to try Argireline the Botox alternative first. Argireline or Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is an ingredient found in serums, lotions, creams and other anti aging products including Lifecell. It is called the botox alternative because it works to relax the facial muscles but without the poison that Botox contains.

Throughout the day our faces go through a variety of motions. We laugh, cry, frown, smile, eat, scream, whistle, kiss and more. These motions result in the wrinkling of the skin. Botox contains a poison that when injected paralyzes the muscles. The muscle does not move and this gives a smooth look to the skin. But, as many have discovered, including a number of celebrities, when overdone Botox does look unnatural. Botox is also very expensive and temporary. So repeated injections are needed to maintain results.

Argireline works to relax these muscles through the application of a topical anti aging product. Argirleine also helps prevent the sagging of the skin due to loss of collagen that naturally occurs with aging.
It is made from naturally occuring proteins. Unlike Botox it does not require a visit to a physician, it can be applied topically in the privacy of your home.

The company Lipotec manufactures the anti aging product Argireline hexapeptide and states that it is relaxes facial tension leading to the reduction in facial lines and wrinkles with regular use.

With Botox you will see results immediately. When the area is injected it will puff up and smooth out the wrinkled areas. Extra swelling will go down eventually. Argireline’s effects do not show up immediately, they take time, but with continued application, you will experience the full benefit that this anti aging product has to offer and it will give measurable, long term results as you continue to use the product.

Argireline is one of the latest in the anti wrinkle, anti aging product aresenal. It is a pricey ingredient so you are unlikely to find it in inexpensive anti aging products. You will find it in LifeCell and some other anti wrinkle face creams and products.

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