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Laser Wrinkle Removal

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As lasers become more mainstream, laser wrinkle removal is becoming a more popular option for younger looking skin. With a laser skin resurfacing treatment, wrinkles are diminished, sun damage is lessened, the tone of the skin is improved and the complexion becomes smoother and more refined. This treatment is best for fine feathery lines around the lips, eyes and cheeks. It can also be very effective at smoothing scars from acne and chicken pox and repairing sun damaged skin.

One of the biggest benefits with laser wrinkle removal is that no cutting is involved. Instead of having to undergo the knife, laser light beams are used. The intensity of the beam can be controlled to give the depth and precision that is needed to correct an individual’s skin problems. But it will not give the full lift to sagging jowls and skin that a face lift will. Two of the lasers used for laser wrinkle removal are the CO2 laser and the Erbium laser. The CO2 penetrates deeply into the dermis which can give dramatic results. The Erbium does not penetrate as deeply but there are less risks associated with it. Healing time is faster and the risk of scarring, burns and other complications are minimized. In some cases a combination of lasers are used to give the best results.

The laser works by boosting collagen in the skin. This helps tighten and tone the skin, though not at a level that a facelift will. By removing layers of skin with the laser beams, fresh skin is revealed.
During the procedure a topical anesthetic is used to relief discomfort. After the procedure many compare the pain to that of having a sunburn which gradually fades. Recovery time from a laser wrinkle removal procedure will depend on how deeply the lasers penetrate the skin. It could be a week or so for a light procedure to a few months for a deeper treatment. At this time it is important to stay out of the sun as there will be sun sensitivity.The cost of the treatment will vary according to the facility and multiple treatment sessions are the norm.

Another option that is less expensive is laser skin rejuvenation using LED devices. Instead of removing layers of skin, this procedure uses light emitting diode devices also known as LED devices to pass through the skin. This boosts collagen and over time results in healthier more beautiful skin. LED devices are approved for home use so you are able to do laser skin rejuvenation in the privacy of your own home at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

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