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Many people have unwanted under eye wrinkles. Dark circles, or eye bags, are annoying, and can feel impossible to get rid of. Under eye damage can be caused by lack of sleep, exposure to the sun, and aging. Crow’s feet, wrinkles around the corners of your eyes, can be caused by smiling (because the corners […]

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As you are getting older, you may not be to happy with your aging eyes. You know: crow’s feet, under eye bags, and drooping eyes. However, with some simple tips and eye makeup tricks, you can make your eyes look younger and more beautiful. Simple eye makeup tips for aging eyes can make a big […]

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Click here for an instant eyelift: Also named ptosis, the droopy eyelid is a problem of the eyes, which involves the drooping of the lid. It may be mild drooping or extreme where it entirely covers the pupil and affects vision. This is often accompanied by a condition called “baggy eyelid”, characterized by excess skin […]

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Click here for Using cucumbers on eyes is a time tested practice to diminish the signs of puffy eyes, bags under the eyes and fine lines. There are a number of reason we get puffy eyes, lines and dark circles. They can be caused by allergies, medical issues, fluid retention, genetics, sleeping in the wrong […]

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Do you want to look sexy with a hot smokey eyes? Many women think a smoky eye is the best way to pump up the volume and turn your look into an evening worthy statement. Celebrities often sport the sultry eye look on the red carpet, and it’s a classic yet elegant look that easily […]

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Crows feet eye wrinkles are those fine and deep lines that appear around the eyes. The lines extend out from the eye and look like the sprawled foot of a crow, hence the name crows feet. They are a common problem for both young and old people. For younger people the early appearance of crows […]

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Click here for an instant eyelift: Wish you could wave a wand at your eyes and get an instant eye lift? Unfortunately as we age, the eyelids tend to droop and sag giving a tired look to the face. In some cases it can be due to a medical condition such as diabetes, a stroke […]

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have glossy long eyelashes and not have to bother with mascara? Not only do beautiful eyelashes draw attention to the beauty of the eye, they also draw it away from crows feet and other fine lines. Many salons offer eyelash tinting as an alternative to mascara. But the truth is […]

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If you have wrinkles under eyes and are using an anti wrinkle cream you are on your way to less crinkles and fine lines. But you can enhance the look of smoother skin and a more beautiful eye area if you grow eyelashes. A thick luxuriant fringe of lashes will detract from the wrinkles at […]

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Revitol Eye Revitol is one of the finest anti wrinkle creams on the market. They have recently introduced Revitol Eye a top anti wrinkle formula specifically formulated for eye wrinkles. Revitol eye reduces under eye puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and more. When blood oxidizes, it turns a bluish red color, similar to an […]

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