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Cucumbers on Eyes

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Using cucumbers on eyes is a time tested practice to diminish the signs of puffy eyes, bags under the eyes and fine lines. There are a number of reason we get puffy eyes, lines and dark circles. They can be caused by allergies, medical issues, fluid retention, genetics, sleeping in the wrong position, late nights and more. But do cucumber eyes really help with these skin issues? And if so how?

Though some will claim that cukes contain ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, the real reason cucumbers decrease puffiness and bags is because they are hydrating and cold. The vegetable is mainly comprised of water, about 90%. When applied to the skin, this has a hydrating effect, plumping up tissue. The cold temperature of a cucumber on eyes constricts the blood vessels which helps the appearance of dark circles.

The fresh scent of the cucumber helps give that spa feeling. Combined with the coolness of the cucumber, one feels refreshed. One problem with using cucumbers on eyes though, is it is possible to get an infection. Unfortunately, some cucumbers are infected with bacteria and this does have the potential to spread to the skin. In recent months, cucks from Spain were infected with a strain of E.Coli.

If you opt to go for cucumbers for eyes be sure to carefully wash the cucumber. Chill the cucumber and then cut it into one inch thick slices, leaving the skin on. Set a timer for 5 to 30 minutes. Place the cucumbers on your eyes and relax. In just a short time your eyes will feel refreshed and relaxed. Discard the cucumber slices after use – do not reuse them.

You can also purchase cucumber eye pads. These are easer to access, very hygenic and affordable. Fran Wilson Nourish My Eyes Cucumber Eye Pads contain green tea with cucumber and have rave reviews. They are very affordable also. Click here for Fran Wilson Nourish My Eyes Cucumber Eye Pads

Using eye pads or cucumbers on eyes allow you to enjoy a little relax time and look prettier!

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