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Droopy Eyelid

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Also named ptosis, the droopy eyelid is a problem of the eyes, which involves the drooping of the lid. It may be mild drooping or extreme where it entirely covers the pupil and affects vision. This is often accompanied by a condition called “baggy eyelid”, characterized by excess skin and fat on the lid.

These problems combined are commonly seen in older people, but children and adults can also have drooping eyelids. One of the options to deal with this condition is eyelid surgery.

The prices for eyelid surgery vary between $3,000 and $8,000, but the results usually last forever, patients no longer facing this kind of problems after the surgery. Also, the recovery is quick and the scars disappear almost completely after six months.

Still, for people who do not think surgery is an option, there are other solutions that can solve the droopy eyelid issue. One of the easiest treatments to try is applying eye lift cream. Though this may help, if the condition is extreme it is unlikely to give the desired results.

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Facial exercise is another option, but you really have to be consistent and stay on this path for months if you want to see improvements. You must exercise daily so that your efforts pay off.

Another simple non surgical solution for droopy eyelid is an instant eye lift. with eyelid tape. This is a clear adhesive tape that reduces the drooping of the eyelids when placed on them. It is safe, quick and easy to apply. One top brand to try is Dream Look. You can get it here at Amazon: Click here for an instant eyelift: Dream Look Instant Eye Lift

Droopy eyelid is a condition that can be inherited or it can occur over time. The condition can affect either one or both eyes. It may cause the following symptoms: headaches and forehead muscles fatigue, double vision, problems closing the affected eye, increased tearing and irritation.

The main cause of a droopy eyelid in adults is the separation of the elevator muscle from the lid, which can happen because of aging, injuries suffered by the eyelid, lid tumor or can be a result of an eye surgery (such as cataract surgery). Rarely, this is a symptom of a neurological disorder.

In order to treat the problem for good, doctors may recommend surgery. An eyelid lift also called a blepharoplasty is performed while the patient is awake. Recovery is quick, the vision functioning normally after just two or three days, and the procedure does not leave visible scars.

However, you can always try some alternative solutions before resorting to surgery such as Dream Look Instant Eye Lift . Your options will depend on how severe the problem is. It is best to discuss with your physician what your options are for droopy eyelid. Explore your options so droopy eyelid does not interfere with your life.

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