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LifeCell is a superior wrinkle cream that gives results in just 17 seconds and for a lifetime. Because it is so popular, many readers want to buy LifeCell but have a question such as where to buy LifeCell, how long does it take to work and others.  So here are some of the top questions I have received on LifeCell Skin and the answers;

Why is LifeCell expensive?

LifeCell contains an expensive formulation of ingredients. Many companies use just enough of an ingredient to say they have it in the bottle, but not enough to do anything for the skin. Lifecell contains the right amount of ingredients to give the desired results. Take Vitamin C for example, many companies use cheap versions of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) in their product line which can irritate the skin.

LifeCell uses Ascorbyl Palmitate which is more expensive but effective. So you get ingredients that work when you buy LifeCell. Would you rather spend less for an ineffective product or spend more and get a product that does what it says? And when you think about it, LifeCell is very cost effective because you only have to buy one product that does so much.

Do I need to use an eye cream with Lifecell?

No you don’t. When you buy LifeCell Skin you get a lot in one tube including  an incredible eye cream. You don’t have to purchase a separate firming cream, moisturizer, lip plumper, eye gel, cream for discolorations, anti wrinkle cream, or makeup base. All of this is in one tube. So you save money and you save time. One application, twice a day – very simple.

LifeCell is…

~ a firming cream that lifts the skin

~ an anti wrinkle cream that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles

~an eye cream

~a lip plumper for thin lips

~a hydrating moisturizer to quench the skin

~ a makeup base

Does Lifecell contain a sunscreen?

Sunscreen is essential to help prevent premature aging of the skin. But SPF sunscreens contain ingredients that can cancel out the potent antioxidants in Lifecell when combined in one product. So it is recommended that you first apply Lifecell and then apply a quality sunscreen to your face.

How do I apply LifeCell?

Use your fingertips to warm a small amount of Lifecell and activate the ingredients. Smooth the product over your face, under the eyes, on the lips, neck and decollete.  For the sensitive eye area, dot with your pinkey or ring finger under the eye, then gently pat it into the skin.

How much Lifecell do I need?

Because Lifecell is very concentrated, a dime sized amount will cover the facial area. If you extend it to your neck and chest area you will need more of the product.

How long does a tube of Lifecell last?

A tube of LifeCell lasts about 40 days. Naturally if you slather it on or forget to use it,  it will last for a longer or shorter period of time

How long does it take to work?

Can you believe 17 seconds? That is right. It only takes 17 seconds for LifeCell to pour hundreds of microscopic crystals across your skin. These reflect the light and you look better in seconds. In about 28 days you will see a  reduction in age spots, under eye circles,  feather lips, facial lines and more.  Keep using LifeCell Skin and in a few months you will achieve optimal results. LifeCell will help refine the skin removing discolorations, smoothing the texture and tone, diminishing wrinkles and giving you a beautiful glow.

Can LifeCell repair old wrinkles?

Yes! LifeCell will help turn back time on your face whether you had the wrinkles for a few days or many years. You will experience an immediate improvement when you apply it. (Just put it on one side of your face and compare it to the other to see what I mean). And you will experience glowing, long term results.

Is LifeCell safe?

Yes, Lifecell is safe and hypoallergenic.

What if I don’t like it?

I think you will love it but if you don’t, the LifeCell company stands behind their product. First you get a full 30 days before your credit card is charged. Then after you buy LifeCell you still have a full 120 days to to return it for a full refund. I have never had one complaint against the LifeCell company in my years as the owner of

Where to buy LifeCell?

LifeCell Skin is only available online. It should be purchased directly from the LifeCell website so you are sure you are getting the authentic product and you get the benefit of the full 120 day trial offer and free bonuses.

Click here to visit the Official LifeCell website.

Are there any coupons or discounts?

LifeCell does not offer coupons or discounts. But they do have free bonus downloads with the order of your free trial of LifeCell. These are yours to keep even if you return your order of LifeCell. You can read about them in my article Free Trial Of LifeCell.

Is there anything else I should know about Lifecell?

Yes LifeCell is not not tested on animals. It is certified 100% by PETA.

More questions? Email me through the Contact box on this site.

LifeCell is a top quality product. If you are serious about making dramatic changes in your skin, order your risk free trial.


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  1. amal Says:

    i went to bay life cell;but how to do it; am from morroco

    plaiz answear my!!!!!!!!!

  2. HANA Says:

    Hey – I live in India – I really want to order this product, is it possible for you to ship this product here.

    Also, please let me know the price of Lifecell Anti-aging Cream in Indian Currency…

  3. Lee Says:

    Hi Hana,

    Yes, you can buy Lifecell in India. Click here for Lifecell.
    On the right, you will see the order box. Under country click the drop down box and you will see India listed.
    Hope that helps!


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