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Wouldn’t it be great if you could take an eraser and simply erase wrinkles from your face and recapture younger looking skin. While there is no magic wrinkle eraser yet, there are steps you can take to get rid of wrinkles and prevent future ones from forming.

Wrinkles are caused by a number of different internal and external lifestyle factors. The quality of our skin as we age is due to genetics, diet, sun exposure, habitual movements, and how well we care for our skin.  If we understand these major causes of wrinkles, we can put solutions in place.

Skin has three layers; the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer. Together, these three layers form the skin matrix of how we look and how our skin ages.

The epidermis is the outermost layer that we commonly think of as our skin, this is where photo damage and discoloration show up. The dermis is the middle layer and contains the elastin and collagen that keep our skin flexible and plump. As we age, elastin and collagen production decreases making the skin vulnerable to wrinkles.

In addition, as we age, circulation slows down and blood vessels narrow. Blood is what feeds the cells of our bodies so sluggish circulation means less cell vitality and function.

Recommendation: Try a quality anti wrinkle cream like Dermagist or Lifecell to stimulate the skin to produce elastin, collegen and increase blood flow to erase wrinkles.   Exercise daily to stimulate blood flow.

Studies show that diet plays a significant role in wrinkle formation. A diet high in sugar, fat and processed foods ages our skin, while foods rich in antioxidants actually prevent wrinkles.

Recommendation:  Eat an anti aging diet, a natural wrinkle eraser.  See my article on anti aging nutrition.

Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin aging, accounting for as much as 90% of wrinkles and skin discoloration. Sunlight breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin, which causes the skin to thin and sag.

The majority of skin photo damage occurs by the time we are twenty, with the impact showing up decades later as wrinkles and age spots. This means a rejuvenating wrinkle cream is pivotal to healing existing damage and turning back the clock on aging.

Recommendation: Use a sun screen and wear protective clothing.

Free Radicals
Free Radicals are a major cause of wrinkling. Formed from sunlight, cigarette smoke, pollution, and by just being alive, they wreak havoc in our bodies. Free radicals destroy cells and are responsible not just for aging, but are also major factors in heart disease and strokes.

Antioxidants in vitamins applied externally and internally in the form of supplements, good nutrition, and skin care products eliminate free radicals, keeping us youthful and healthy.

Recommendation: Take a quality multi vitamin. Consider taking supplements that may turn back time such as resveratrol.

Hormones also affect the development of wrinkles. Estrogen decreases as we age, taking the elasticity and flexibility of our skin with it, but skin care products can compensate so long as they use effective ingredients at effective concentrations.
Recommendation: Discuss hormone therapy and what you should do with your physician.

If you want to erase wrinkles you need to consider your habitual facial expressions. If you frown a lot or squint to read small newsprint on a regular basis, you are laying the groundwork for future wrinkles. Case in point, Elvis used to flick Priscilla Presley’s forehead whenever she frowned, eventually conditioning her to avoid frowning. As a result, she has few deep wrinkles. However, it has been reported that Priscilla was eventually injected with fillers by Dr. Daniel Serrano. Dr. Serrano used low grade silicone that created facial deformities in many of his patients including holes, paralysis and lumps. Dr. Serrano is currently in prison for what he did to his patients.

Fortunately, there are anti-aging options other than having a rock star smack us on the forehead to erase wrinkles. The wrinkle cream Dermajuv is a skin care system that counteracts the effects of time and environment. Dermajuv contains Matrixyl, a collagen precursor that stimulates collagen production deep in the dermis for long term anti-aging results.

Many skin creams use Matrixyl, but not at the 3% concentration contained in Dermajuv. This is the same Matrixyl concentration used in clinical studies showing proven rejuvenation of damaged skin. RenovageA tones skin and reduces redness while Sesaflash moisturizes, shrinking pores and vanquishing fine lines.

You can also try facial toning exercises. Just as exercise can help flatten abs and firm your body it can help tone your face.

Recommendation:  Consider trying Facial Toning Exercises to help erase wrinkles and diminish them with a quality anti wrinkle cream like Lifecell or Dermajuv. LifeCell has special crystals to lighten the skin and create the illusion of less wrinkles in seconds and it goes to work to turn back the clock to give you more beautiful skin for a lifetime. Try out LifeCell for 120 days. Is is guaranteed or your money back.

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By practicing good skin care habits and following these tips you will go a long way to enjoy beautiful skin and erase wrinkles.

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