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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and framing those eyes properly is one of the best ways to give the face an instant lift. They key is eyebrow shaping and eyebrow makeup.

The first step is to shape the brows. Following the brows natural arch as you pluck is one of the easiest and most natural ways to do this. Brows tend to be fuller in the middle and taper off towards the end. But you want to avoid extremes on either end of the brow. You have probably seen someone who has overdone the eyebrow shaping or eyebrow makeup and the result can look clownish and unattractive. If you are unsure of your best brow shape, you may want to visit a beauty salon for your first shaping. After that you will know where to pluck.

Eyebrow makeup can help make up for where Mother Nature left on. In our youth and as we age, eyebrow makeup can help define the brows giving a lift and definition to the face.

An eyebrow pencil can fill in sparse areas, just be sure to use a soft tipped pencil and light easy strokes. Most professionals prefer to use eyebrow powder. Eyebrow powder comes in a range of shades to match almost all hair colors. Simply tap an angled eyebrow brush into the pigment, shake off any excess or blot on a tissue. Apply the eyebrow makeup with quick, light strokes following the line of the eyebrow. A quality eyebrow brush will make a big difference in your success.

You may also want to consider using an eyebrow stencil kit. You place the stencil in the brow area and cover over the stencil with eyebrow makeup. This can result in beautiful brows if done properly. These can be very helpful if you have sparse brows and need simple guidelines for creating brows and making them even on each side. They are very inexpensive and in most cases reusable.

If you have tried eyebrow makeup and find you are still unsatisfied because you have very baggy eyes with excess skin hanging over the eye area, you may want to consider a brow lift.  Fillers such as botox can be injected into the brow area. This will give the eyes a more open look and can give great results without undergoing the knife.

In most cases, good eyebrow makeup and eyebrow shaping can give a beautiful lift to the face and is a quick, affordable way to gain a more youthful look.

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