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One often overlooked method to firm and tone the skin is facial toning exercises.  Just like we exercise our bodies to get them in shape, the face can also benefit.   Facial toning exercises have been performed for many years. The ancient Indian science Ayurveda uses facial muscle exercises to help delay the onset of aging and smooth the skin.

There are many benefits associated with facial toning exercises.  They boost circulation to the skin which helps give the skin a healthy glow.  They help increase skin elasticity.  Facial toning exercises promote a smooth, firm dermis.  Properly done they can lift the eye and lip area, firm the loose sagging skin under the chin, reduce forehead furrows, diminish stress lines  and much more.

One of the keys to success with facial toning exercises is consistency.  If done everyday you can expect to see a fresher more beautiful tone within a month. Prior to doing facial toning exercises you should make sure our hands and face are clean.  Never perform facial toning exercises if you have irritated skin such as acne or sunburn.  And be careful not to pull the skin.

Ready to get started? Read my article on Facial Exercises to get some ideas.  Remember to use the pads of your fingers, not the tips, to avoid scratching yourself. And use a light lotion on your fingers as you work through the facial toning exercises to help them glide against the skin.Five-Minute Face-lift: A Daily Program for a Beautiful, Wrinkle-Free Face

For a complete facial toning exercises that can rejuvenate the skin I recommend Five Minute Face Lift:

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