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A beautiful skin is your best makeup. But prolonged exposure to UV rays, dirt, dust, pollution along with wrong eating habits, drinking and stress can cause premature aging of our skin. You can now bid adieu to damaged and aged skin and give it a new lease of life thanks to fotofacial treatment.

Thanks to modern cosmetology technique of fotofacial you can transform your red itchy skin into a radiant complexion.

Learn more about fotofacial skin rejuvenation technique

Fotofacial also known as a photofacial is a 20-30 minute procedure where intense pulses of a broad spectrum of light are passed through your skin. The varying wavelength of light rays which are passed through the skin penetrates into the lower layers of the skin stimulating the collagen production and causing the constriction of epidermis which helps in reducing the fine lines and redness of the skin.

Difference between fotofacial treatment and other skin therapies

With laser therapy and dermabrasion, the superficial or top layers of the skin are treated directly. So there may be redness, peeling, and other surface issues that take time to heal. The Fotofacial delivers the light rays deep inside our skin cells to correct the deformities instead of to the surface. In addition, the procedure is less painful as compared to other skin therapies.

Benefits of fotofacial treatment

There are a number of advantages associated with fotofacial skin rejuvenation treatment;

  • Fotofacial treatment lasts for just 20-30 minutes and you can immediately return to work after undergoing the treatment. Usually 5-6 fotofacial treatments are needed over a period of 3-4 months to notice optimal changes in your skin.
  • Fotofacial treatment are a non-invasive procedure and do not require hospitalization
  • Fotofacial treatment are approved by FDA and may be covered by your health insurance.
  • The biggest benefit of fotofacial is that the person can start seeing instant results on their skin.

Costs of fotofacial treatments vary according but in general run between $300 and $600 per treatment.

However there are certain skin conditions that cannot be treated using fotofacial. Frown lines occurring between the brows and forehead as well as saggy skin cannot be cured by fotofacial treatment. Puffy eyes, and moles cannot be cured by fotofacial.

Consult an expert fotofacial specialist and get your skin analysis done to get better results if you are planning to opt for fotofacial skin rejuvenation treatments.

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