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get rid of smile lines

Smile lines can add a lot of beauty and character to a face but when they are deeply ingrained they can be very aging. As we grow older, smile lines on face form due to the loss of fat, moisture and elasticity.
Think of a ball or balloon that has lost it’s air. The exterior will show dips and curves, crinkles and wrinkles just like the face.

To help prevent smile lines from forming, taking simple steps like wearing a sun screen, practicing good skin care habits and avoiding repetitive facial motions like smoking can help.

So how to get rid of smile lines that you already have? One method is through injections. The type of injections will depend on where the smile lines are. Botox for example, is often used for the tiny, feathery lines around the eyes commonly known as crow’s feet. For wrinkles around mouth Juvederm is often used on deep lines and Restylane as a smile lines treatment for superficial lines. If there is substantial loss of fat causing the smile lines, fat injections may be used.

Other treatment methods may be used to get rid of smile lines including laser resurfacing and skin peels. If the face is also sagging then a face lift may be used on it’s own or in conjunction with injections and/or other smile lines treatment methods.

For a non invasive method to deal with smile lines a quality anti wrinkle cream will go a long way. Dermagist is an excellent wrinkle cream for men and women as is LifeCell. Both work at a cellular level to help repair the skin.

In addition using a good lip makep will help minimize the appearance of lines around the mouth area. A teeth whitener is also excellent to give the lip area a younger look. We have heard great things about the Crest 3D White Strips and found the best price at Amazon. For under $45 you can have a dazzling smile with whiter, brighter teeth (lasts up to a year). Get a glam smile at the best price at Amazon.

And be sure to pop on a big pair of sunglasses next time you go out to help stop smile lines from forming!

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