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Have you ever found your skin feeling dry and itchy after showering? It’s not a pleasant feeling, as most people want their shower to clean skin of impurities, making the body glow and feel beautiful and soft. There are many reasons why showers can irritate your skin. Sometimes, it’s about the products you are using, […]

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Wish you had a safe, gorgeous, easy tan this summer? You may want to consider airbrush tanning. As most everyone knows baking in the sun can not only cause cancer but it also leads to premature aging of the skin with wrinkles, sags, bags and pigmentation issues. I recall running into a former neighbor who […]

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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TOP BEST SELLERS IN BEAUTY AT AMAZON Holiday shopping is always fun. I do most of mine at Amazon. I love scrolling though all the goodies and picking things out for everyone. Delivery is often free, for many states there is no tax and prices are excellent. Plus they have […]

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Who looks better than a movie star? What are Hollywood’s celebrity skin care secrets? Some celebrities claim they have actually sworn off surgery and plan to age gracefully, preserving their youth through more natural means. Though we can’t name names we can tell you that… One 59 year old celeb relies on a diet full […]

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Why is it that so many woman from eight to eighty want to look like a princess? I was waiting for a table at a restaurant recently and saw a 40ish woman holding a bunch of Mylar balloons that said things like, “I am a Princess” .  I knew immediately the balloons were for her […]

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Can Walk It Out help you walk off wrinkles? You bet it can! Using a high quality wrinkle cream like LifeCell is one of the best things you can do to help repair skin damage and erase wrinkles. But as mentioned in other posts exercise is also a great way to help aging skin. Exercise […]

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Valentines Day is a day when many think of romance;  kissing, touching, holding someone, being in love. Whether you plan to spend the day with your significant other or make plans for yourself, you will want to have wrinkle free, sexy skin for Valentines Day. You will want to think about how your skin feels […]

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Is your New Years resolution to get beautiful skin? By following simple steps you will have more vibrant skin in days. In a few months your skin will be more glowing and gorgeous. In a years time you will look more radiant than ever. To achieve your New Years resolution and get beautiful skin you […]

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A gift of gorgeous skin for Christmas is one of the best holiday presents you can give yourself. Imagine glowing from tip to toe as you enjoy the office Christmas party, a festive lunch or just curl up by the fireplace. During the season you want to relax and enjoy but at the same time […]

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Exercise is a key to younger looking skin.  Exercise increases circulation, tones up the muscles, reduces stress levels, slows the aging process, fights toxins increases energy and so much more. The key to youthful skin with exercise is to find a workout program you enjoy and will do. If you are unhappy you won’t stick […]

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