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Wish you had a safe, gorgeous, easy tan this summer? You may want to consider airbrush tanning.

As most everyone knows baking in the sun can not only cause cancer but it also leads to premature aging of the skin with wrinkles, sags, bags and pigmentation issues. I recall running into a former neighbor who had a habit of sunning. I had not seen her in a few years and I was shocked to see how much her skin had aged. She looked like a leather pocketbook. Laying in the sun, is definitely out if you want to look your best and avoid many skin problems when you get older.

But a sporting a tan can be fun. Though the natural coloring of skin is very healthy and lovely no matter how pale you are, many people enjoy the appearance of a tan. It can change your look, even more dramatically than getting a new haircut or trying a new lipstick.

If you want to get a safe, natural looking tan – sunless tanning with an airbrush is the way to go. There are other methods to get a fake tan but they often give disappointing results. Spray cans and lotions tend to smell, streak and give an unnatural color.

Tanning salons are expensive and the rays that emanate from the beds can be just as harmful as the sun’s rays. Airbrush tanning is the best solution if you want a gorgeous, glowing healthy color. You can control the level of tan you want, the results are very natural looking and you can be sporting a great looking tan fast!

Airbrush tanning is not new. Like airbrush makeup kits, airbrush tanning systems have been used by athletes, beauty pageant contestants and celebrities for years. Many salons, tanning centers and gyms offer airbrush tanning. There are also systems out now that allow you to airbrush tan in the privacy of your own home using very affordable airbrush equipment that will pay for itself in just a few uses.

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Ready for an airbrush tan? Whether you opt to do airbrush tanning in a salon or at home, you will want to get the best results.

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Here are some airbrush tanning tips;

Wash your skin and exfoliate at least and hour prior to tanning. You can purchase a microdermabrasion cloth for just a couple dollars and use it on your whole body. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells.

Avoid using perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and other products for several hours prior to tanning. Skin should be completely dry prior to tanning. And using cosmetics etc. does not allow the area to be tanned properly.

Remove jewelry and tight fitting garments for an hour or so prior to tanning. You don’t want tan lines from where your bra or other clothing was tight against your skin or a ring line where your ring was.

Do not use airbrush tanning on areas where you have a fresh wound or skin that is broken out.

Immediately after air brush tanning follow manufacturer’s directions prior to putting on your clothes (usually about 10 to 20 minutes).

Do not take a shower, exercise, apply lotions, for several hours after airbrush tanning (check manufacturer’s directions).

Airbrush tanning can be a fun, affordable way to change up your look.

Click Here for Complete Professional Belloccio Sunless Tanning Airbrush System

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