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Bridal Skin Care - Anti Wrinkle Skin Care for Your Wedding

On your wedding day you want your skin to look beautiful, smooth and glowing. Good skin care is important throughout your life but during the happy but potentially stressful time leading up to your marriage, bridal skin care,  anti wrinkle skin care for your wedding is especially important.  You want to totally glow on your special day.

There are many things you can do to improve the beauty of your skin for your special day whether your wedding day is months away or just a few days in the future. Bridal skin care like any effective skin care  includes the basics. Read my Skin Care 101 Guide for top tips and techniques for anti wrinkle skin care and glowing skin.

It is not a good idea to rush out and try a new skin regime right before your wedding, in case of an adverse reaction. But there is a lot you can do towards bridal skin care to help you look radiantly beautiful.

~ Cut back on sugar and caffeine. Sugar dulls the skin and caffeine sucks out the moisture. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and other foods to improve the quality and texture of your skin.

~ Avoid “junk” alcoholic drinks. If you plan to drink make it a glass of wine. Studies on resveratrol in wine indicate that it helps to slow down aging, beautify the skin and has a host of other benefits. Watch the video on the amazing supplement Resveratrol.

~ Bridal skin care begins with good products. But you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can buy top quality gentle skin cleansers at your local discount store. Do invest in a top quality wrinkle cream such as LifeCell Skin Care or Dermajuv.  These products contain ingredients that give the skin an instant lift and glow. They are key to bridal skin care long before and after the wedding. They go to work for the long term to rejuvenate the skin.

~ Get lots of rest. Sleep will leave you feeling refreshed.  Be sure to sleep in way that you don’t get “bed face” also known as sleep wrinkles. For bridal skin care and bridal hair a satin pillow case is recommended. Read my special report on Sleep Wrinkles.

~ Exercise. Exercise is nature’s natural anti wrinkle skin care treatment.  It will give your skin a glow, help your skin become firmer by helping to reduce blood sugar levels and help reduce inflammation. It is also a great stress reliever a definite plus for bridal skin care.

~And of course a key factor in any bridal skin care regime is sunscreen.

Remember to take a break.  Your wedding is a special time.  Don’t get caught up in worry and stress. Enjoy the process!

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    Ensure your makeup has a matte finish, so that you do not have a shiny face in your wedding photos.

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