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Celebrity Skin Care Secrets
Who looks better than a movie star? What are Hollywood’s celebrity skin care secrets?

Some celebrities claim they have actually sworn off surgery and plan to age gracefully, preserving their youth through more natural means. Though we can’t name names we can tell you that…

One 59 year old celeb relies on a diet full of antioxidant rich foods as well as a non-invasive skin care regimen of facials and wrinkle creams. She has stated that she’s not interested in using injections to fight aging and has never used Botox.

Another actress/model prefers to fight aging with diet and a good wrinkle cream. She has never had plastic surgery and looks much younger than her true age of almost 50.

The celebrity skin care secrets of a hit show actress in her mid-forties, includes a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and protecting her skin from the sun.

One celeb told Parade Magazine that her skin care routine includes facials and moisturizers full of antioxidants and other ingredients to replenish her skin. However, with a weakness for Mexican food and Texas barbecue, both high fat foods that can cause wrinkles, she may face an uncertain future when it comes to aging gracefully.

A famous super model claims a rare french melon is her celebrity skin care secret and has a full line of skin care products called Meaningful Beauty.

Many celebs use good wrinkle cream and look far younger than their age which is a testament to what a great product such as LifeCell can achieve with regular use.

Most actresses exercise as well, which helps keep them young by flushing the skin with nutrient rich blood, encouraging cell growth and optimum skin health. Stars like Meryl Streep–who is close to 60 but looks much younger—exercise in the pool, avoiding high impact workouts that can, over time, cause  skin to sag from all the jarring movement.

The main principle behind celebrity skin care secrets is the same for all of us, good skin care habits such as those shared in top tips for glowing skin.

Other celebrities use temporary treatments such as expensive filler injections and Botox to soften wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Chemical peels are also used to slough off dead skin and encourage new cell growth for the short term. Yet none of the cosmetic surgeons and dermatologist in the Hollywood can deliver permanently improved skin like LifeCell can. Combined with a quality skin care program, the skin is renewed and revitalized.

LifeCell wrinkle cream will give you long term Hollywood results. It is a great all-in-one option because it tones and firms skin while hiding and repairing damage. The only over-the-counter alternative to Botox, LifeCell with AH3 inhibits nerve stimulation of facial muscles for Botox results without the pain or expense. LifeCell also contains super antioxidants to counteract the free radical damage that is unavoidable and a major contributor to aging of the skin. Most importantly, LifeCell stimulates production of collagen and elastin.

Maybe we can’t all be famous celebrities, but we can all practice celebrity skin care secrets and look red carpet ready with LifeCell wrinkle cream.

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