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The bad news is stress and poor stress management is a contributor to skin aging. The good news is we can help prevent and erase wrinkles with stress relief techniques.

Cortisol is a natural stress hormone in the body that helps manage stress. But when cortisol kicks into overdrive due to not managing stress well, extended periods of stress or general day to day stress, cortisol levels become elevated.

This rise in cortisol can cause a host of problems including sleep issues, excess weight, heart problems and more. One issue that can also arise is an exacerbation of skin problems such as eczema and aging of the skin.

If you want to prevent and erase wrinkles, stress relief techniques are important to your beauty regime. There are many relaxation techniques for stress some of the most common ones include listening to music, exercise, reading, taking a long bath, hanging out with friends and others.

Here are a few you may not have thought about;

1. A Foot Massage. You can have a foot massage everyday with a little, inexpensive home foot massager. Not only does it rub your feet (without complaint) but it will also warm them if you select the heat control. I use mine several times a month, more in winter. This can also be set under your desk. Click here for the Sharper Image MSG-F110 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager

2. Make Love. According to the authors of “The Hormone Connection” the neuro hormones released during sex may prevent wrinkles. So you can erase wrinkles with one of the oldest stress relief techniques known to man.

3. Walk Indoors. Walking is a great way to burn calories, erase wrinkles and is one of the best stress relief techniques. I love Walk It Out for Wii. This is a walking game where you build an island as you walk. I use a Fitbit Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker with it to track my miles. It is tiny and I wear it all day long. Amazon ImageThe Fitbit syncs with a site called Earndit. Here you can earn points and prizes for the miles you walk or donate them to charity. It really makes you walk when you know you are earning miles to give care packages to our troops or buying a polio vaccine for a child. If you don’t have a Wii one of my favorite DVD’s is Leslie Sansone’s One Mile Slimdown. In this DVD Leslie includes 1 mile walks for each day of the week. A great way to firm up, fit in exercise fast and terrific tool in your anti aging arsenal.

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4. Clear the Clutter. It is amazing how getting rid of the excess clutter in your life can help you get rid of stress. I love the books by Peter Walsh

5. Accupressure. Use a Halsa Wellness Acupressure Mat or other accupressure mat. These mats have tiny plastic spikes. When you lay down on them, they stimulate the body to release feel good hormones. This helps relieve pain, increase energy, fight fatigue, reduce headaches, alleviate back pain and more. I use mine every night and it is truly relaxing and gives a feeling of wellness. You can find these mats at Amazon.

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You can help prevent wrinkles with these stress relief techniques. Take it one day at a time, add in simple steps and you will feel so much better.

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  1. Toronto Skin Care Says:

    Thanks for the article. I’m going to invest in a foot massager, those are really relaxing!

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