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Why is it that so many woman from eight to eighty want to look like a princess? I was waiting for a table at a restaurant recently and saw a 40ish woman holding a bunch of Mylar balloons that said things like, “I am a Princess” .  I knew immediately the balloons were for her and not the little girl behind her.  She smiled as she put a blinking tiara on her head and said, “Now I really look like a princess.”

There is something about the glitz of the jewels, the sparkle of the dresses and the delight of being totally pampered that is oh so desirable.  And most important the glowing beauty that every princess claims as her own.

So why not enjoy the fantasy and look like a princess no matter what your age?

Here is how to look like a princess;

1. Grooming. You must be well groomed from tip to toe, even if you are dressed in jeans and a tee. That means no chipped nail polish, bushy brows, or frizzy hair. Take time each day to take care of your grooming so you can look like a princess. And be realistic. You may love red finger nails but if you constantly use your hands, a better bet would be to simply buff your nails. If you can’t afford to go to the beauty salon often, choose a simple hairstyle you can do at home. Work with your lifestyle.

2.Exercise. Exercise really pays off in your princess look. Having a fit body makes clothes look better on. You don’t have to be super skinny but be the right size for you!

3. Eat rich. To look like a princess eat food rich in nutrients that are good for you. Think of water, lean protein, fruits and veggies, good oils etc. as your ticket to a healthier you. Anti aging nutrition is perfect.

4. Take care of your skin. A princess has a smooth, creamy complexion and so should you. Sunscreen, a humidifier, quality moisturizer, and my favorite anti wrinkle cream Lifecell will go a long way to help you look like a princess with gorgeous skin. Don’t go overboard on the makeup.  A good lip makeup, simple eye makeup and a blush are great for everyday.

5. Dress for the occasion. Dress in quality, well cut clothes. Spend money on the items that will last like a good handbag from Coach and fine shoes. Dressing up for a special occasion and want to look like a princess? Pick up a sparkly diamond tiara. Or treat yourself to a pair of sparkling diamond earrings.

6. Pamper yourself. You can pick up a deep moisturizing body wash like Dove for just a few dollars and enjoy nourished skin. Taking time to sleep on a satin pillowcase will help you avoid sleep wrinkles and help lower stress levels. Little things add up.

When you look like a princess you want to feel like one. Have fun and enjoy your life!

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