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Experts say that smoking does indeed cause skin wrinkles in addition to all the other negative affects it can have on your health and body. Smoking is known to cause premature aging and is a contributor to the appearance of facial wrinkles especially lip wrinkles.

Like any other bad habit, the  effect of smoking is cumulative.  Common side effects of smoking can’t be seen daily, but will emerge after 10-15 years of abuse. Unfortunately, lifestyle diseases are usually irreversible because they manifest only in later stages.

Next to damaging sun exposure, smoking is the second leading cause of premature aging. It alters your body’s chemical composition and blocks the vitamins A and C from entering the body’s system. With each puff you take free radicals enter your system. These free radicals break down your collagen reserves. Aside from that, nicotine, the number one ingredient in cigarettes causes dehydration making your skin look dull and dry.

In addition to the damage smoking causes inside your body that leads to premature aging, smoking cigarettes also contributes to facial and lip wrinkles forming. Your facial muscles will develop those perpetual hollowed cheeks from years of dragging and puffing cigarettes. Your lips will develop feathers around the edges from pursing the lips during inhalation and exhalation.

Studies have shown that a 30-something person who is a smoker is likely to have the same amount of facial wrinkles that a non-smoker in their 50s would have. That’s how rapidly smoking boosts the natural aging process.

It is best to stop as soon as you can. This way you can prevent premature aging, facial and lip wrinkles brought on by your smoking habit as well as the other ill-effects of cigarettes. While it is easier said than done, new medications are on the market to make it easier. It is never too late to give up the habit, and you can even do it gradually if that suits you best, but the most important thing is for you to quit.

If you continue to smoke you may want to consider the electronic cigarette. These types of cigarettes help cut out the carcinogens, tar and tobacco in cigarettes which contribute to wrinkles and is less expensive than regular cigarettes. However, keep in mind that wrinkles will still form from the pursing action of the mouth muscle.

Healthy living is not all about giving up your vices but it’s also about starting anew. Proper exercise and regular activity in general will improve your blood circulation and replenish your oxygen reserves. Make sure that you maintain healthy levels of balanced vitamins and minerals within your body by taking necessary supplements and focus on making your body look and feel great.

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