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Water for Skin Beauty

Water is essential for skin beauty. Water plumps up the skin keeping the tissue hydrated. It helps the organs work properly, helps the skin get rid of impurities and has many other benefits.

The moisturizing effect from a well hydrated body, keeps the skin looking smooth. By eliminating toxins from the body, the complexion appears much clearer, more refined and glowing.

Water for skin beauty is essential.

Hydration is important both internally and externally. In the winter especially, the skin can itch and flake. This is due to the drier air combined with the cold. You can help combat this by using a quality moisturizer and a humidifier.

Read the article here on using a humidifier; Beautiful Skin with a Humidifier.

Drinking water helps keep the skin moist. And many experts, including the Mayo Clinic suggest drinking 8, eight ounce glasses a day. But eating water rich foods like fruits, veggies, yogurt and soup can also help up your water intake.

Dr. Howard Murad, author of The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, says that you can meet much of your daily requirement with food. And quality food offers nutritional benefits. As Dr. Murad says, “Watermelon and cucumber are more than 90 percent water, but they also contain antioxidants.”

So you can increase your water intake with water rich foods, instead of or in addition to drinking water. You should increase your water intake if you are heavy or if you have been working out.

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How do you know when you have met your water needs? You can tell by your urine. If you are well hydrated, your urine should be very pale or colorless.

There are a lot of ways you can make drinking water more enjoyable. You can add lemons or limes to give water more flavor. One of the things I did was to purchase two, 32 ounce BPA free water bottles.

I fill these up each morning and drink them through out the day. This ensures I get my full water intake. I use the same type of bottles used on the Biggest Loser show. Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle, 32 Oz These are wide enough to add ice cubes to. I also like that I am not filling the land fill with water bottles.

And speaking of Biggest Loser, another plus with drinking water is it can help you lose weight.

If you want glowing skin, then you should know that water for skin beauty is one of the simplest way to improve your complexion. If you have not been getting enough water and you up your water intake today, you should see a beautiful improvement in your skin quickly!

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Are you interested in drinking water to lose weight? Pick up a copy of health and beauty researcher Lexi Burke Alexander’s book, “Drinking Water To Lose Weight” here; Drinking Water To Lose Weight

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