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Bio Oil is a skin care product that is made from the gland oils of ducks. German cosmetic scientist Dieter Beier discovered that this type of oil, called PurCellin Oil, is oxygen free so it can preserve the nutrients added to it, yet it is non greasy and not as thick as a normal oil based product.

Bio Oil is preservative free and contains nourishing ingredients including; Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, and Rosemary Oil. These ingredients combine to combat a range of skin care problems including stretch marks, acne, aging skin, dehydrated skin, uneven skin color and more.

Does Bio Oil work?

In clinical tests BioOil has been proven to work. These tests ranged in length of time and number of participants.

Bio Oil Acne Scars and Other Scars
– Participants in the trials showed a 65% improvement when applying Bio Oil to scars. A twice daily application on scars ranging from new to mature scars resulted in improvement in four weeks.

Bio Oil Stretch Marks – A test was conducted in 2005 on participants with abdominal stretch marks. The type of marks ranged from light white marks to red stripes. A 50% improvement was noted after 4 weeks of twice daily application.

Bio Oil Uneven Skin Tone – 30 participants with melasma, brown patch skin tone were tested using Bio Oil twice daily. A 93% improvement was noted after 4 weeks and participants continued to improve over the following weeks.

Can Bio Oil be used on sensitive skin?

In clinical tests, bio oil was applied to the forearm of participants with very minimal reaction over a 96 hour period. This was .03 on a scale of 0-4.

Can Bio Oil be used on acne prone skin?

In clinical studies conducted Bio Oil was applied to participants many of whom were acne prone. There was no significant difference in the formation of acne pimples on either the Bio Oil treated area or the untreated area.

Bio Oil has won many product innovation awards and is the number one best selling scar and stretch mark product in many countries.

How to use Bio Oil

A little Bio Oil goes a long way. Apply to the skin issue twice daily with consistent use, you should see improvement within a few weeks time.

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