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The Tua Viso is a facial electrostimulation device developed by Dr. Paolorosso, an Italian dermatologist.  Using micro-currents, or wave pulses, it works to manipulate the skin.  The pulses contract the skin at intervals with periods of rest in between. The contractions from the Tua Viso facial stimulate circulation and “train” the facial tissue to improve tone, skin smoothness and elasticity.

The hand held Tua Viso runs on a 9 volt battery. No special conductive cream or gel is needed. You simply fill the reservoir with water, moisten the contact pads, and select the length of time and strength. The Tua Viso facial exerciser works the muscles without pain.  Each contraction lasts 3 seconds with a subsequent recovery time of 3 seconds.

The majority of Tua Viso users were very positive, though one individual said she was overly aggressive and had some eye twitching for a short while after use.

The compact system is easy to tote. It is easy to use but comes with a demo tape so you can feel comfortable knowing you use it correctly.

With the Tua Viso you can target different areas of the face.  The Tua Viso will help;

Reduce a Double Chin

Pull Up the Cheeks

Smooth Wrinkles

Stimulate Circulation Giving a Healthy Glow

Reduce Puffiness and Under Eye Bags

Relief Jaw Pain

Improve Skin Tone

Increase Collagen and Elastin

Unfortunately I was unable to personally test the Tua Viso as I could not find a reputable dealer in the States to buy Tua Viso. It is currently more widely available in Europe. Should this change I will update this post.

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