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Note this article originally appeared on our sister site Click here to buy Biocorneum from an authorized online physician – Get Biocorneum What is Biocorneum Are you looking to minimize scarring from surgery? Biocorneum is the only FDA approved scar cream. It contains crosslinking silicone plus SPF30 sunscreen. The product can help minimize the […]

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Click here to pick the right BB Cream for you… Are you one of the people wondering what the fuss about BB cream is? Also known as beauty balms or blemish balms, the BB cream has taken the world by a storm in the past few years and it is currently the latest trend in […]

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In years past, the all American blonde, blue eyed look personified facial beauty. Today, ethnic diversity rules. We admire physical characteristics of all different races. The stereotypical blond beauty, is a thing of the past. Today’s beauty may be Latino, Indian, Japanese, African American, of mixed race or another race. But though it would seem […]

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As old man winter blows in the cold weather can take a toll on skin. Skin may become dry and cracked and winter skin care is essential. It is just as important to care for the skin in the winter as it is during the summer months. A winter skin care regime will help your […]

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Want to recharge and refresh your skin? ¬†Consider facial treatments. Facial skin treatment assists in improving skin tone, helps reduce acne and gives the skin a boost. Face treatments may be done within the comforts of your home or if you really want to sit back and relax then opt for professional spa facial treatments. […]

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In college one of my classmates had a radiant complexion. When I complemented her, she said the secret to her glowing, beautiful skin was a humidifier which she used in her dorm room. She needed the humidifier for a sinus condition but she said she found it kept her skin moist and plump. You can […]

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Washing your face is key to skin care 101. If you want to take skin cleansing to the next level consider a Clarisonic Skin Brush. The Clarisonic Skin Brush comes from the makers of the SoniCare Toothbrush. It oscillates at a frequency 0f 300 movments per second, This high frequency stimulates the dermis. Some believe […]

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Throughout my years of research I have found many simple things that can be done to enhance the skin. Easy steps will enhance your complexion allowing it to glow with health and beauty.¬† Ready to learn how to make your skin glow?¬† Here are 10 Top Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin. Beautiful skin is within […]

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Exercising isn’t just for six pack abs and rock hard thighs. You can exercise your face in order to reduce facial wrinkles. Assuming that you don’t live your entire life with a blank expression on your face, you are likely to end up with either laugh lines or frown lines, often depending on what facial […]

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It’s good news for you if have yet to develop any wrinkles or have minimal wrinkling because there are a number of ways that you can stop wrinkles from developing. And if you have wrinkles there are a number of ways you can turn back the clock to fresher skin and prevent future wrinkles from […]

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