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Clarisonic Skin Brush

Washing your face is key to skin care 101. If you want to take skin cleansing to the next level consider a Clarisonic Skin Brush. The Clarisonic Skin Brush comes from the makers of the SoniCare Toothbrush. It oscillates at a frequency 0f 300 movments per second, This high frequency stimulates the dermis. Some believe that the brush results in increased collagen production which results in tighter more toned skin. The manufacturer shares that the Clarisonic Skin Brush helps to diminish dry spots, troubled skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

By lightly exfoliating the surface of the skin sloughing off dead skin cells, the Clarisonic Skin Brush leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

The brush comes with a built in timer that beeps letting you know when it is time to move on to stimulating the next are of your skin.
It is save to use in the shower and easy to store.

There are three different brush heads delicate, sensitive and normal for the Clarisonic Skin Brush. The sensitive brush head is suitable for most people. Normal for rougher skin and the body. These should be replaced every 3-4 months as they wear down.

The brush should also be carefully cleaned after each use so you are not spreading bacteria. Clarisonic recommends using hot soapy water or you could soak the head in alcohol.

The drawback to the Clarisonic Skin Brush is the price. It is not cheap but when you consider the cost of a one time trip to a spa or beauty salon it is very cost effective. The brush comes in several colors including grey, white and pink. A portion of the sales from the pinkalicious one are donated to breast cancer research.

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