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Facial Beauty

In years past, the all American blonde, blue eyed look personified facial beauty. Today, ethnic diversity rules. We admire physical characteristics of all different races. The stereotypical blond beauty, is a thing of the past. Today’s beauty may be Latino, Indian, Japanese, African American, of mixed race or another race.

But though it would seem that facial beauty varies with the observer, there are some aspects that seem to be universal – the symmetry and placement of facial features.

For instance, if the face is divided in half vertically, the two sides should equal each other. The space between the corners of the mouth to the bottom of the chin should equal the distance between the corners of the mouth to the corner of the eyes.

A divine proportion of 1 to 1.618 also applies to facial beauty. If the distance between the two cheeks is 1, then the distance between the top of the head to the bottom of the chin is 1.618. If the wideness of the nose is 1, then:

• the wideness of the mouth is 1.618
• the distance between the two corners of the eyes is 1.6182
• the distance between the two temples is 1.6183

But even with the laws of symmetry, we all know people who have less than perfect features and are very attractive. Princess Diana for example, have a large nose, yet she was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Jackie Kennedy had very wide set eyes, but she was considered to be the epitome of chic and beauty.

We all have far less that perfect features, but can still look look more beautiful.

Here are some simple suggestions that will improve facial beauty:

• For a healthy appearance, keep your face washed and clean; mask any blemishes with cosmetics. But keep in mind that a glowing complexion can make a huge difference in your appearance. Read my article Top Tips for Glowing Skin for ideas.

• Exfoliate your skin. Microdermabrasion is a great way to remove the superficial top layers. This diminishes wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and more, revealing your most radiant complexion. Check out the new MicrodermMD system for affordable microdermabrasion at home. You can read about it here; MicrodermMD . Or buy it here; MicrodermMD – Home Microdermabrasion Machine w/ AUTO Mode – Medical Grade – Diamond Tip – Anti Aging

• For a youthful appearance, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, strong hot and dry winds, and extreme cold and heat. Instead keep your skin moisturized. It is easy to be lazy, but taking a few minutes each night to care for your complexion can make a huge difference in facial beauty. Use a quality moisturizer and sunscreen.

• Practice all things in moderation:

Eat a balanced diet, with particular attention to foods and vitamins that are important to skin care

Drink limited amounts of alcoholic beverages and do not take recreational drugs

• Speak with your physician about any prescription drugs you may be taking that could affect skin care

Other suggestions that will enhance your facial beauty:

• Keep yourself well groomed. The secret to celeb Jennifer Aniston’s great look is her grooming. Keep your nails trimmed, body in shape etc. This all adds up to an overall attractive appearance.

• Consider accessorizing. A well-placed hat or flattering jewelry can enhance facial beauty.

• Consider using cosmetics. If you are female, the simple use of cosmetics can give the perception of attractiveness. Just make sure to use the right products for you. Many department stores offer free makeup consultations.

• Consider facial hair if you are male. A beard or a mustache can hide scars or other facial blemishes. If you have a weak chin, a beard can strengthen it. If you naturally have a strong chin, shaving or trimming the beard will reveal this feature. If you choose to wear facial hair, keep it well groomed.

Ask a close friend or pay a professional, such as a beautician, hair dresser, dermatologist, or other health care provider, for tips on how you can improve your appearance including your face beauty.

Remember that facial beauty is only part of the overall attractiveness of a person. Tasteful choices of clothing, friendly personality, as well as skills and interests, can go a long way in establishing new relationships, even if your features aren’t the perfect dimensions important to facial beauty.

Want to learn more on how you can improve your physical appearance and facial beauty?

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