In college one of my classmates had a radiant complexion. When I complemented her, she said the secret to her glowing, beautiful skin was a humidifier which she used in her dorm room. She needed the humidifier for a sinus condition but she said she found it kept her skin moist and plump. You can bet I was looking for a humidifier that afternoon!

A humidifier keeps moisture circulating in the air, this helps your skin retain it’s natural moisture. By running a humidifier, especially during the dry winter months you will hydrate your skin. After a few days of use you will find your skin is plumper. Fine lines will disappear and skin takes on a smoother more radiant look when you use a humidifier. With a humidifier, skin will be smoother, fresher and younger looking. And there are other benefits besides more beautiful skin with a humidifier. The moist air will reduce the spread of germs, help with sinus conditions, colds, sore throats, nose bleeds and more.

There are a number of humidifiers on the market. When I replaced my old humidifier recently, I researched quite a few humidifiers. I selected the Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier 7144 for the sleek look and features. The Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier 7135 is also very nice and has a nice spa look to it. Both have excellent reviews on Amazon.

The Air-O-Swiss 7144 and the Air-O-Swiss 7135 models offer a choice of warm and cool humidity. They also allow you to regulate the ideal humidity in a room. The Mayo Clinic suggests an ideal humidity level of between 30-50%.

If you want to keep the price down, Crane Humidifiers work well. They come in a variety of shapes from Hello Kitty to a simple tear drop design. Though these do not offer as many features as the Air O Swiss model they get the job done and these humidifiers will help keep your skin moist and beautiful. We purchased several of these for the other bedrooms in our home.

It is important to clean the humidifier so bacteria does not build up.
Directions are provided with the product.

Moist, glowing, beautiful skin with a humidifier is as simple as using one especially during the dry, winter months. Start using a humidifier now and in a few days your skin will look plumper and fine lines will disappear. Easy and effective.

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