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Are you one of the people wondering what the fuss about BB cream is? Also known as beauty balms or blemish balms, the BB cream has taken the world by a storm in the past few years and it is currently the latest trend in the beauty and fashion industry. The cream is essentially a base, foundation and skin care all combined in one product. You can use the cream to even out your skin giving it a smooth, flawless appearance.

There are many brands of BB cream available on the market produced by different companies with each brand designed to address different skin problems. For example, there are creams optimized for whitening and others for moisturizing.

Origin of BB cream
BB cream was originally created in the 1960s in Germany and it was initially used by dermatologists to treat the skin of patients who underwent laser surgery on the skin. The cream was used to regenerate the skin and also soothe it. It was introduced to the Asian market when South Korean celebrities started using the cream, something which caused the country’s cosmetic companies to invest in the production of the cream. From South Korea, it spread quickly throughout Asia becoming one of the most popular beauty products. The cream has since then hit the beauty industry across the world by a storm and you can find it on almost any shelves of skin care and cosmetic products, departmental stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

How does the BB cream work?
BB cream contains ingredients such hydroxyprolisilane and abyssine that soothes, firms and hydrates the skin by working with the natural elasticity of the skin. The cream is promoted as to diminish the thick pores, camouflage blemishes and fine lines and give the skin a perfect look. BB cream also contains SPF, a factor that protects the skin from the Ultra Violet rays of the sun, and beta glucan, an ingredient that protects the skin from being damaged by the environment. The cream also contains other ingredients such as Indian bark, natural grapefruit and green tea, ingredients which enhances a youthful appearance.

What does the BB cream do?
BB cream primes the surface of the skin for application of makeup, smooths and hydrates the skin , provides the skin with protection from environmental damage, corrects the color and evens the tone of the skin, provides the skin with flawless coverage and enhances the appearance of the skin using the active ingredients that it comes with. BB cream contains:
1) Silicone based ingredients, for example dimethicone, which helps in the smoothing of the skin. These ingredients acts the same as a primer or foundation.
2) Light reflecting mica which brightens the skin and gives it a luminous finish.
3) Moisturizing components such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid which helps to hydrate the skin.
4) Ingredients such as arbutin and licorice which helps in evening out the tone of the skin.
5) Anti-aging compounds which includes antioxidants and peptides like vitamin A, C and E.
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How to wear the BB cream
If you have a normal skin, BB cream can be worn alone to provide you with a light coverage or you can mix it with a foundation if you want heavier coverage. If your skin is oily, you can use the cream to control the shine of your skin and enhance the staying power of makeup. For the people with the dry skin, you can wear the cream with a moisturizer for a subtle tint and additional benefits for the skin. The cream can be applied on the cheeks, the forehead, chin, nose and throat.

BB cream facts

1) BB means blemish balm, beauty balm or blemish base.
2) The first BB cream was created as post-procedure cream for treating people who had undergone laser surgery.
3) The cream is concentrated such that a small amount will just be enough.

What to look for in a good BB cream

After hitting the US market, BB cream started being produced in variety of brands and with countless off-shoots jumping on the shelves, this scenario is not likely to end soon. When choosing the type of cream that is best suited for you, the following are some of the things you should consider:
1) Coverage of the cream – the coverage has more to do with your preference – whether you prefer heavy, medium or just sheer coverage. There are creams available designed to offer maximum coverage and others just light coverage. A good BB cream should provide you with right coverage that works best for you. Amazon Image
2) Skin tone – depending on your skin tone, there are range of options available for you to choose from. There are creams suited for the pale skin, dark skin an even those with uneven skin tone.
3) Active ingredients – BB creams come with active ingredients such as moisturizers, anti-aging ingredients and sunscreen ingredients. A good cream should contain at least one or all of these active ingredients.
4) Skin type the cream is optimized for – when it comes to the skin type, there creams that are meant for the people with the oily skin and others for those with the dry skin. A good cream should blend perfectly with the skin type you have.

A version of BB cream can produce different results on different individuals and therefore a good cream will be the one gives you the best result. Here are some of the factors that you can consider when choosing the most suitable cream for you:
1) How you want to use it – you should first decide whether you want to wear the cream alone or if you will apply it on makeup.
2) The climate – temperature and humidity might fluctuate during different seasons affecting the amount of moisture you need and therefore you need to adjust your cream according to the climate.

BB cream has become a sensation in the beauty industry. Try it out and see if it is right for you!

Click here to pick the right BB Cream for you…BB Cream

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