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As old man winter blows in the cold weather can take a toll on skin. Skin may become dry and cracked and winter skin care is essential. It is just as important to care for the skin in the winter as it is during the summer months. A winter skin care regime will help your skin stay fresh and lovely.

The first step to winter skin care, is to recognize that the harsh wind and extreme cold can strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier leaving skin red and dry. Moisturizing more often is a good idea in the winter. Keep a small tube of a hydrating lotion with you and smooth it on throughout the day. In addition be sure to moisturize after a shower, when skin is slightly damp, to lock in the moisturizer.

Indoors winter skin care is also needed. With the heat turned on, the moisture is sucked out of the air. This will dry out the skin. You will be amazed how quickly your skin will respond if you use a humidifier. It will help your skin retain moisture. Sleep with one on and you will wake up nourished.  A room humidifier is very affordable and a simple thing you can do for younger looking skin. Learn more in my article humidifier for skin.

A sunscreen is also essential. Though you don’t think of the sun in winter, even hidden behind clouds it can dry the skin. So be sure to slather on sunscreen all year long.

Finally, enjoy refreshing liquids to stay hydrated. Water will quench your thirst and help to flush toxins from your body.

By following these simple winter skin care tips you can help keep your skin fresh and lovely year round.

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