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Hair is a modified form of the skin and one common desire shared by many men and women is for permanent hair removal. Excess hair can be both undesirable and unattractive.

Hairy backs, facial hair on women, excessive chest hair, and the constant need to have to shave legs, underarms and other regions have led to a multimillion dollar hair removal industry. People want permanent hair removal that is fast, effective and affordable.

At the current time there is only one FDA approved method of permanent hair removal and that is electrolysis. With electrolysis, a needle is inserted into the hair follicle and electricity kills the area preventing hair growth. This is a very slow, tedious method however, with one hair follicle treated at a time. So though it may be appropriate for the random chin hair or the eyebrow area, it is not a good method of permanent hair removal on large areas such as the back or legs.

Until there is new technology do not believe promises you see of permanent hair removal. Methods of hair removal will be temporary though some last longer than others.

There are a number of methods of hair removal including;

Shaving – Shaving involves taking a razor and cutting off the ends of the hair. Or using an electric shaver to clip off the ends of the hair.

Waxing – With waxing wax is spread over the skin, then strips of paper or cloth are pressed against the skin and yanked off resulting in hair removal.

Sugaring – Similiar to waxing, sugaring works by applying a thin paste of sugar to the skin instead of wax and yanking it off with strips of paper or cloth.

Laser Hair Removal – Though some people think lasers give permanent hair removal they do not. Lasers work by shooting a beam of light into the hair follicle and damaging it. The number of sessions varies from one individual to the next. Hair usually becomes less dense and finer. Touch ups to maintain results are needed.

– Depilatories are lotions or creams that are topically applied to the skin. They include chemical ingredients that dissolve the hair.

Threading – With threading, a thin thread is looped around the hair and it is pulled from the skin.

Epilatation – An epilator is an electrical tool. It removes hairs by grasping them at the roots and yanking them out.

Oral Medication – Prescription medications are available to help cut down on hair growth. They work in approximately 50% of people who try them.

So though you are unlikely to get permanent hair removal, unless you have a very tiny area to be treated, the key is to find a safe effective method that you are comfortable with. In choosing your best way to remove hair, you will have to consider your budget, your skin sensitivity, the amount of hair to be treated and other factors.

One method that works well for many is the Silk’n method. The Silk’n method is device you can use in the privacy of your home to have smooth, hair free, skin. It is safe to use and lasts much longer than waxing or sugaring. Keep in mind that it is not a permanent hair removal method but hair removal does last a long time. It can be used on the body and facial areas below the cheek line. It harnesses the energy of light to remove hair. Learn more about the Silkn here: Silkn At Home Laser Hair Removal

Another affordable, effective method for smooth, hair free, silky skin and the Number 1 consumer rated hair removal method is , Dermology They also have a free bottle with purchase offer. You can learn more at the Dermology website. They often offer free product with purchase so it is both a great value and very effective hair removal method. And Dermology is safe to use anywhere on the body including all over the face.

As research evolves there will be more methods for hair removal and permanent hair removal is very likely, for now look at the hair removal process as something you can manage by selecting the best methods for you.

Whether it be getting rid of hair for weeks at a time using light like the Silkn Laser Hair Removal System or going for simple, effective hairless skin that lasts much longer than shaving with an effective hair removal cream like Dermology or another method use the technique that works best for you. Look to the future for permanent hair removal.

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