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The Mediterranean Anti Aging Diet

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The Mediterranean Anti Aging Diet

mediterranean anti aging diet

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The Mediterranean Anti Aging diet – which is nothing but a term that refers to the food habits followed by people in these countries is responsible for their youthful appearance and healthy bodies. The diet mostly consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, legumes, foods high in omega-3 fats like fish; olive oil and moderate quantities of red meat. Most of the ingredients are freshly consumed and are largely unprocessed. They keep the body satiated for longer, preventing the need to eat frequent, unhealthy meals.

Olive oil, a central part of the Mediterranean diet contains antioxidant vitamins like vitamin E, and is a monounsaturated fat that promotes a host of health benefits. It has shown wonderful results in its ability to reduce risk of heart disease and cholesterol. It is also anti-inflammatory, which is another factor that delays age, and contains enzymes that help remove carcinogens from the body.

Although not all of us have the option of living in a Mediterranean country we can make the most of what we find around us. Reaching out for locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables, switching to healthy oils like canola or olive oil, reducing our intake of unhealthy fats like lard or butter, giving up unhealthy habits, eating whole grains and nuts, adequate intake of water, proper exercise and having enjoyable mealtimes can go a long way in keeping us youthful for longer, and prevent the formation of those dreaded wrinkles. Click here to read more about the anti aging diet including recommended books; Anti Aging Diet.

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Anti Aging Nutrition

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Anti Aging Nutrition

Anti aging nutrition is a must if you want to look and feel your best.  If you eat a poor quality diet you can be sure it will show up somewhere in your body.  Recent studies, for example  have shown a strong correlation between aging skin and excess sugar.  Excess consumption of alcohol is reflected in dull, sagging skin. Other low nutrition foods create even more problems. You will go a long way to enjoying beautiful skin by eating anti aging foods.

To help us get that healthy, glowing, anti aging beauty we can look towards our neighbors in the Mediterranean to discover the best anti aging nutrition. The people who live in Mediterranean countries like Greece, South of Italy, Cyprus, etc. eat an anti aging diet naturally.  They are said to be the healthiest people  in the world.  In addition to leading longer lives, they have younger looking skin and enjoy the lowest incidence of age-related disorders.

To understand how anti aging nutrition can be so beneficial, it helps to understand the aging process. Aging is a function of the inflammation and oxidation of cells taking place in our bodies.  One of the most visible indications of aging is aging skin with the formation of wrinkles.

The presence of free radicals in our bodies, which is a result of toxins and excessive oxidation, occurs when we follow improper diets; like those rich in cholesterol, processed foods, red meat, etc. or when we take up harmful habits like smoking.

The best anti aging diet is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are present in fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. These nutritious anti aging foods help combat free radicals.  These antioxidants reduce the occurrence of wrinkles; promote healthier looking skin and younger looking skin.  A proper anti aging diet, coupled with drinking plenty of water will make the skin more elastic, giving it a tauter and younger looking appearance.

To learn more about the Mediterranean anti aging diet you may enjoy reading The Mediterranean Prescription: Meal Plans and Recipes to Help You Stay Slim and Healthy for the Rest of Your Life and The Mediterranean Diet. I also love the Flat Belly Diet The Flat Belly Diet is a weight loss plan that includes many principles from the Mediterranean Diet.
You will enjoy the anti aging nutrition of eating dark chocolate, olives and more anti aging foods while losing weight.

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