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Lip Wrinkles

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Lip Wrinkles

Wrinkles on Lips

Lip wrinkles are an easy indicator of age. Those feathery or deep grooves around the mouth not only cause lip makeup to bleed but they also share whether you smoke, spent to much time in the sun and did not take proper care of the area with anti wrinkle cream or moisturizer.

As we age collagen levels decrease and the skin becomes thinner. Though lip wrinkles are part of the aging process, with some care you can help minimize their appearance. Prevention is of course the best course of action for wrinkles around mouth. But if you already have them take some steps to improve their appearance.

– Use a good anti wrinkle cream like LifeCell or Dermagist. These creams contain potent ingredients to impart antioxidants, moisture and other nutrients to restore skin to more youthful appearance.

– Stop smoking. Smoking and wrinkles go hand in hand. Happily, newer methods to help with smoking cessation are on the market. Make the commitment to quit once and for all. Nicotine speeds the process of aging. The motion of inhaling and exhaling increases wrinkling. I can easily pick out smokers by their lip wrinkles.

– Use sunscreen. Wear a sunscreen on your body and use a good lip balm with sunscreen for the wrinkle around the mouth. Sunscreen helps prevent the lips from getting darker and drying out. In addition sunscreen will help prevent sun damage which causes wrinkling.

– Exfoliate the lips. Use a little toothpaste on a baby toothbrush to gently rub the lips or use a product such as Philosophy  kiss me exfoliating lip scrub

Lip Scrub

– Increase your intake of fluids. Drinking more water hydrates the skin and helps to minimize the appearance of lip wrinkles.

– Use a hydrating lip balm to lock in moisture.  For very dry lips Aquaphor is amazing.  I use it every night. During the day I like Burts Bees and Carmex.  Burts Bees is the number one selling lip balm on Amazon. Click here for the best pricing on Burts Bees.

– For day and evening wear plump up your pout with a lip enhancer. These temporary enhancers can make your lips feel sexy and pouty. My choice is Buxom, Buxom Lips which is affordable, comes in delicious colors and gets to raves. Click here for Buxom Buxom Lips. buxom buxom lips

– Use an anti wrinkle cream like lifecell or quality moisturizer around the lips to plump up the skin and erase the lines.

– Make up your lips in soft colors to enhance your natural skin tone. Read more about Lip MakeUp.

Simple steps can make a big difference to minimize your lip wrinkles and give you a beautiful smile.

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Wrinkles Around Mouth

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Wrinkles Around Mouth

Wrinkles Around Mouth

Pouty, full lips are sensual and youthful. But as we age wrinkles crop up including wrinkles around mouth area that can detract from our smile. Not only do these feathery wrinkles look unattractive but they may also cause lipstick to bleed resulting in a messy, older appearance.

There are a number of factors that contribute to lip wrinkles. The muscle surrounding the mouth area, the Orbicularis Oris constricts through use. Over time repeated “lip” activities such as sucking, chewing, pursing, kissing and smoking cause wrinkles around mouth lines to form.

Wrinkles around mouth are also more pronounced as we age because the skin becomes thinner, this results in the lines becoming even more visible. In addition, during the aging process there is collagen and fat loss in the skin which results in more sagging of the lip area.

Wrinkles Around Mouth at Home Treatment

1. Practice Good Habits To Prevent More (Use Sunscreen, Stop Smoking etc.)

2. Use a microdermabrasion device to help smooth the area. One to try; MicrodermMD At Home Microdermabrasion

3. If wrinkles are deeper use a facial stimulating to diminish wrinkles. Click here for the Dermawand This will not only diminish fine lines, it helps to promote firmer skin, reduce eye puffiness and more.

4. Use a good anti wrinkle cream. One to try is Lifecell.Get a Free Trial of LifeCell

5. Avoid dark lip colors that accent fine lines. Use neutral shades. Use a lip plumper to create the illusion of fuller lips and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. One best selling lip plumper is Buxom Buxom

There are both surgical and non surgical techniques you can undertake to correct mouth wrinkles.

Fillers – A wrinkle filler such as Juvederm or Restylane can be injected. These plump up the skin, smoothing out the lines. The results can be dramatic however, they are not permanent. These around the mouth lip injections have to be repeated to maintain results. The length of time between injections will depend on the type of filler chosen. They can also be very expensive and despite numbing techniques there may be pain, swelling and redness involved.

Advanced skin techniques have resulted in other methods of diminishing the appearance of mouth wrinkles.  These include;

Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion – Microdermabrasion pummels the upper most layers of the skin which helps smooth out the skin. It is a very effective method of rejuvenating the skin. You can have microdermabrasion in a salon or purchase a machine such as the Microderm Microdermabrasion System.

Your skin will feel softer and smoother after one treatment and will continue to improve with repeated sessions. I love how my skin feels after a treatment. It helps stimulate circulation for a soft rosy glow, even out skin tone, remove superficial scars and more. Sessions at a salon can run hundreds of dollars so it is more affordable and convenient to target wrinkles around mouth with microdermabrasion at home. Click here to read more about Microderm Microdermabrasion.

Dermabrasion is a more invasive technique. It is performed by a physician and involves using a rotating brush to remove the top most layers of skin. Eventually new skin grows in taking its place. If only the mouth area is targeted, the skin may appear lighter than the rest of the face. Dermabrasion can require a lot of recovery time and has possible complications.

Laser Skin Resurfacing – In this procedure laser light is focused on the wrinkles around mouth and other areas of the face. Read more about Laser Wrinkle Removal.

Microcurrent Facelift – With this technique electric current stimulates and helps smooth the skin. Read more about the Microcurrent Facelift.

At home machines such as the Dermawand which produces a low level micro current impulses and the Baby Quasar light therapy are challenging the need to go to a salon by producing effective and affordable results for mouth wrinkles in the privacy of your own home. The Derma Wand Kit is under $100 and helps diminish wrinkles. Not only does it work on wrinkles around mouth, it also works great on saggy skin, enlarged pores and puffy eyes also. Derma Wand Kit

Other methods for wrinkles around mouth removal are using a quality lip plumper, doing facial exercises,  and using a top quality wrinkle cream.

Lip Plumper – A lip plumper is a temporary method of “swelling the lips”. This creates the illusion of fuller, pouty lips and thus minimizes the appearance of wrinkles around mouth. One of the top rated lip plumpers at Amazon is Buxom Buxom.  In a wide choice of  delicious colors, reviewers love it – one described it as “Yummy”.  And it is very affordable.  Click here for Buxom, Buxom Lip Plumper.

Facial Exercises – Facial Exercises can do amazing things for the entire face including wrinkles around mouth. Within about 2 weeks of consistent facial exercise your skin will become taunter and take on a more radiant glow. Five-Minute Face-lift: A Daily Program for a Beautiful, Wrinkle-Free Face

For facial exercises, read my article on Facial Toning Exercises and check out the book Five-Minute Face-lift: A Daily Program for a Beautiful, Wrinkle-Free Face

Anti Wrinkle Cream – The quality anti wrinkle cream LifeCell contain microscopic crystals to refract light and minimize the appearance of wrinkles around mouth within 17 seconds. In addition, it will go to work to give long term results. This will give a beautiful glow to the skin.

LifeCell is guaranteed to diminish mouth wrinkles. It has a full 120 day money back guarantee.   Get a Free Trial of LifeCell

You may not want to stop kissing, but taking a few simple steps can improve the wrinkles around mouth area dramatically!

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