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Lip Wrinkles

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Lip Wrinkles

Wrinkles on Lips

Lip wrinkles are an easy indicator of age. Those feathery or deep grooves around the mouth not only cause lip makeup to bleed but they also share whether you smoke, spent to much time in the sun and did not take proper care of the area with anti wrinkle cream or moisturizer.

As we age collagen levels decrease and the skin becomes thinner. Though lip wrinkles are part of the aging process, with some care you can help minimize their appearance. Prevention is of course the best course of action for wrinkles around mouth. But if you already have them take some steps to improve their appearance.

– Use a good anti wrinkle cream like LifeCell or Dermagist. These creams contain potent ingredients to impart antioxidants, moisture and other nutrients to restore skin to more youthful appearance.

– Stop smoking. Smoking and wrinkles go hand in hand. Happily, newer methods to help with smoking cessation are on the market. Make the commitment to quit once and for all. Nicotine speeds the process of aging. The motion of inhaling and exhaling increases wrinkling. I can easily pick out smokers by their lip wrinkles.

– Use sunscreen. Wear a sunscreen on your body and use a good lip balm with sunscreen for the wrinkle around the mouth. Sunscreen helps prevent the lips from getting darker and drying out. In addition sunscreen will help prevent sun damage which causes wrinkling.

– Exfoliate the lips. Use a little toothpaste on a baby toothbrush to gently rub the lips or use a product such as Philosophy  kiss me exfoliating lip scrub

Lip Scrub

– Increase your intake of fluids. Drinking more water hydrates the skin and helps to minimize the appearance of lip wrinkles.

– Use a hydrating lip balm to lock in moisture.  For very dry lips Aquaphor is amazing.  I use it every night. During the day I like Burts Bees and Carmex.  Burts Bees is the number one selling lip balm on Amazon. Click here for the best pricing on Burts Bees.

– For day and evening wear plump up your pout with a lip enhancer. These temporary enhancers can make your lips feel sexy and pouty. My choice is Buxom, Buxom Lips which is affordable, comes in delicious colors and gets to raves. Click here for Buxom Buxom Lips. buxom buxom lips

– Use an anti wrinkle cream like lifecell or quality moisturizer around the lips to plump up the skin and erase the lines.

– Make up your lips in soft colors to enhance your natural skin tone. Read more about Lip MakeUp.

Simple steps can make a big difference to minimize your lip wrinkles and give you a beautiful smile.

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Wrinkles Around Lips? Perfect Your Pout!

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Wrinkles Around Lips? Perfect Your Pout!

Though a common complaint about wrinkles is wrinkles around the mouth, which is discussed in several articles on this site including this one; Wrinkles Around Mouth, wrinkles around lips are also a common problem fortunately, you can improve their appearance quickly and easily.

Lips are going to have wrinkles naturally; kissing, eating, puckering and other lip movements create lines on the lips and many wrinkles around lips are there genetically. So the key to deal with wrinkles on lips and perfect your pout is to minimize the appearance of these lines. Happily this is easy to do with two simple steps; gently exfoliating the lips when needed and adding moisture to the lips on a daily basis. In addition a good lip makeup will enhance the lips even more minimizing the appearance of  lip wrinkles.

Gentle exfoliation of the lip area is very effective at removing dry, flaky skin and relieving chapped lips. Spread a little toothpaste on a baby toothbrush and brush the lips. The lip area is a sensitive one so brush gently. Rinse the lips and apply a moisturizing lip ointment or balm.

Moisture is the main key to perfect your pout. Wrinkles around lips appear much worse when they are dry. Weather conditions, lipstick, certain lip balms and other factors can contribute to wrinkles on lips. In addition some foods such as spicy and acidic foods may contribute to these lip wrinkles by irritating the skin. It is important to make sure your lips stay moisturized. One gentle, very effective lip treatment is Aquaphor, It is very moisturizing and affordable. Tuck tiny tubes in your purse or pocket for rehydration during the day. If you wear lipstick be sure to use a moisturizing formula.

If you want to plump up your pout keep in mind that some lip plumpers can create the illusion of plump lips but it is only temporary. One excellent lip plumper to try is Buxom Buxom Lips. This product comes in an assortment of delicious colors and gets rave reviews at Amazon. Users of Buxom Buxom Lips report;

• 86% of women experienced an immediate increase in lip fullness
• 75% of women felt that moisture in their lips increased
• 96% of women were satisfied with the overall improvement in their lips

Click here to get the best price and try Buxom Buxom Lips

And of course wrinkles around lips will appear to be minimized and gradually fade permanently by using a great anti wrinkle skin care cream.

Get a free trial of the top rated anti wrinkle skin cream Lifecell; click here for Lifecell

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