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Can a rare french melon, a key ingredient in the Meaningful Beauty, Cindy Crawford Skin Care line give you glowing, beautiful skin?

The Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford skin care system is a line of beauty products endorsed by celebrity actress and super model Cindy Crawford. In her forties, Cindy is still stunningly beautiful with creamy, gorgeous skin. She credits her glowing skin to her skin care line – Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty

The Meaningful Beauty line of products was developed by one of Europe’s top cosmetic physicians, Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh. At one time the method of skin care was only available at his facility. Super model Cindy Crawford, a client of Dr. Sebagh, asked him to develop his office “age maintenance” system as an at home skin care line. With her active lifestyle and children it was becoming more difficult for her to take time to travel overseas for an appointment with Dr. Sebagh. And the development of an home product line would make it readily available to all women not just those that could afford his fees and a flight to his clinic in Europe. Dr. Sebagh developed the line and with the help of the reputable company Guthy Renker, the products are now available for purchase in the U.S.

The key to the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty skin care line is a patented melon extract. What is so special about this rare melon that is only found in the South of France? According to Dr. Sebagh it has amazing antioxidant properties. The company claims that fifteen years of research show that the rare melon is a revolutionary extract that can revitalize and transform the skin.

Dr. Sebagh, who helped make the injectable fillers botox and collagen mainstream, states that the formulas in Meaningful Beauty help fight free radicals and renew collagen by stimulating the skin. Each product contains seven ingredients designed to return elasticity to the skin and reduce the signs of aging, with the core ingredient being the extract from a rare French melon. The products are naturally enriched with coenzyme Q10, minerals and lipoic acid.

With the development of the Cindy Crawford skin care system by Dr. Sebagh, Cindy joined forces with Guthy-Renker to bring the luxury line to the U.S. and make it very affordable. The ingredients in the anti aging line Meaningful Beauty, Cindy claims is her own secret for glowing skin and now she is able to share it with everyone.

As most people will agree Cindy Crawford is a natural beauty and can afford a personal trainer, private chef, regular spa services and what ever else she desires to enhance her beautiful appearance. She also comes across as very intelligent and genuine. Representing Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty, Cindy is very convincing. But does the product line work?

Cindy Crawford on “Extra” Shares Meaningful Beauty Oct. 2010

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After carefully researching the Meaningful Beauty line I found many users who totally loved the Meaningful Beauty Line. These women raved about the products. Many woman claimed it left their complexions glowing. One said it was the most refreshing line she had ever used and it had dramatically changed her skin.

There were a few consumers however, who experienced temporary facial redness after using the product. It appears that some individuals are sensitive to an ingredient in the anti aging product line, the “cantaloupe charentais” which is key to the effectiveness of Meaningful Beauty. Most users however, were very happy with the products and low price point.

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty 8 Piece Kit ANTI_AGING SYSTEM

The product line comes with a very easy return policy and 60 day guarantee. So there is plenty of time to try it out and see if it works for you. Price wise Meaningful Beauty is a bargain with a 30 day supply at a very reasonable price point. Included in the kit are the cleanser, day creme, night cream, eye cream, decollete cream (for the neck and chest area), masque, glowing serum and wrinkle smoothing product.

With the generous amount of products at such a low price point and easy returns, it is well worth trying Meaningful Beauty, Cindy Crawford skin care products, to experience the special ingredients including the rare French melon to see how it enhances your natural beauty.

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