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Eye Makeup Tips

As you are getting older, you may not be to happy with your aging eyes. You know: crow’s feet, under eye bags, and drooping eyes. However, with some simple tips and eye makeup tricks, you can make your eyes look younger and more beautiful. Simple eye makeup tips for aging eyes can make a big difference.

First make sure your eyes are looking their best by using a quality eye cream daily and getting plenty of rest. If you can afford it, check into the Clarisonic Opal. It helps to diminish signs of aging around the eyes. Click here to learn more about the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System

If you want to instantly lift and open the eye, you can use invisible eye lift tapes. Dream Look makes a very affordable eye lift tape. You can read more about it here; Dream Look Instant Eye Lift.

Next use a quality foundation on your skin. Select a color that matches your skin tone. Most people have slightly varying pigments on their face, changing the color of their skin in certain areas slightly. You might have red spots or other pigmented areas where your skin is tanner or paler than others, due to uneven sun exposure.

Using foundation will blend these uneven colors together, giving you a more uniformed and attractive look. This will help your eyes to be the center of attention, instead of your uneven skin tone. You should also use facial powder to eliminate the shine on your face. This makes your eyes stand out more, instead of a shiny forehead.

Before adding any eye makeup prime your eyelids with a wrinkle eraser. Apply this to your crow’s feet and laugh lines. This product works like a regular pimple concealer to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of wrinkles while you wear makeup. It is an incredible innovative product that will instantly make you feel more confident about your appearance.

You can also use a regular concealer or special eye product under your eyes on your bags. Under eye bags can be gray and huge, making you look so tired and much older. Using concealer will diminish this problem and help you to look young and fresh, not to mention awake and present.

Be sure to stay away from harsh, dark shades. Dark shades can make you look older than you actually are, which is never a desired thing! Dark shades can even make you look “witchy,” or like you are trying too hard. Dark grays, blacks, and dark blues and green hues can really be too harsh on your face, especially if you have paler skin. It is too drastic of a change from your regular eyelid. Also avoid sparkly shades. The sparkles in the shadow will actually highlight your wrinkles and fine lines, not distract

Use shades of pinks, nudes, and browns that fit well with your skin tone. These more neutral shades won’t be too harsh or too different from your regular skin tone, so you will look more natural and not harsh at all.

You can apply eye shadow in an attractive, appealing way. Start by applying the darkest shade you want to use first. Apply this shade on your eyelid. Do not go too far away from your eye, make sure it is just on your lid and doesn’t go too much past your corners on your eyebrow.

Then, you can apply a shade that is a step or two lighter to your entire eye, lid, and up to your brows. This will blend your lid and the top part of your eye together to make an attractive color and shape that will frame your eyes and make them stand out.

Make sure to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then use dark gray, black, or brown mascara on your lashes. This won’t be too harsh for your face and will help make your eyes pop.

These simple eye makeup tips for aging eyes, will make your eyes stand out and most importantly, make you look younger, fresher, and glowing.

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