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Lip wrinkles are an easy indicator of age. Those feathery or deep grooves around the mouth not only cause lip makeup to bleed but they also share whether you smoke, spent to much time in the sun and did not take proper care of the area with anti wrinkle cream or moisturizer. As we age […]

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Wearing a good lip makeup can give you younger looking skin and a more beautiful appearance. One of the signs of aging is wrinkles around mouth and smile lines caused by smoking and the natural aging process where the skin loses it’s fat and elasticity. A good wrinkle cream is essential to use in this […]

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Though a common complaint about wrinkles is wrinkles around the mouth, which is discussed in several articles on this site including this one; Wrinkles Around Mouth, wrinkles around lips are also a common problem fortunately, you can improve their appearance quickly and easily. Lips are going to have wrinkles naturally; kissing, eating, puckering and other […]

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Plumping up the lip area helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles aroundĀ  mouth. Lip injections such as soft tissue fillers give results fast. The lip enhancer is combined with an anesthetic or a topical anesthetic to minimize pain in the lip area. There are a number of different lip injections used to plump up the […]

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Pouty, full lips are sensual and youthful. But as we age wrinkles crop up including wrinkles around mouth area that can detract from our smile. Not only do these feathery wrinkles look unattractive but they may also cause lipstick to bleed resulting in a messy, older appearance. There are a number of factors that contribute […]

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Experts say that smoking does indeed cause skin wrinkles in addition to all the other negative affects it can have on your health and body. Smoking is known to cause premature aging and is a contributor to the appearance of facial wrinkles especially lip wrinkles. Like any other bad habit, theĀ  effect of smoking is […]

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