Decollette Pads for Chest Wrinkles

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Calvet Cosmetics Decollette Pads were developed to help the chest area regain a more youthful appearance.

In the fight against skin aging, chest wrinkles are one of the most overlooked areas. These nasty wrinkles form from to much sun, sleeping and the normal aging process. This section of the body is frequently exposed; in swimwear, summer tops, evening wear etc. and a tell tale sign of aging. Yet improving this area is simple to do.

One way to improve this area is to use Calvet Cosmetics Decollette Pads for chest wrinkles. Decollette Pads are the brain child of Hollywood makeup artist and Emmy award winner, Camille Calvet.

Calvet felt the decolletage area was very neglected when it came to wrinkle solutions. So she developed Decollete Pads. These heart shaped pads are made of medical grade silicone. Silicone has been shown to help improve the appearance of scars. It also helps to smooth out wrinkles.

When applied to the chest area, the Decollette Pads help increase suppleness of the skin and smooth it. This is a less expensive and gentler approach than using retinoids, injections and other wrinkle solutions.

The Calvet Cosmetics Decollette Pads are very effective and easy to use. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Then apply the heart shaped pad between the breasts. They are a neutral shade of tan and can be worn easily under most clothing.

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You can wear the pad to bed or during the day for a 60 minute period. The pad is reusable and also washable. In general, one pad is designed to last around 45 to 60 days and is affordably priced at under $30.00 on Amazon; Click Here for Calvet Cosmetics Decollette Pads

Reviews on the Decollete Pad are very strong;
One woman said, “So I bought one without expecting anything, but after ONE night, my pretty deep lines were GONE. I couldn’t believe it! It is very comfortable to wear and it is barely noticeable.”

Another said. “This product is amazing and excellent. I only wish I had thought of it! Research silicone pads/sheets and the amazing affect they have on healing scars and burns and you will understand why this also works on wrinkles. It has something to do with helping the body with collagen synthesis(making your skin stronger, like when you were young). I assure you, I would not be giving this review if I did not believe in this product completely.”

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Overall this product, is a great solution to giving your chest area back it’s beauty!

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