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Trilastin for Stretch Marks

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could minimize the appearance of stretch marks? A new cream TriLASTIN SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex promises to do just that and fast!

Stretch marks are scars found on about 80% of people, all across the world. Men and women, teens and mothers, super fit body builders and not so fit others. Stretch marks are scars caused by rapid weight loss or gain. Most pregnant women get stretch marks in their third trimester, as their stomachs swell up quickly. After the baby is delivered and they have lost much of their pregnancy weight, they are still left with stretch marks. Teens, going through puberty, shoot up and get taller, or gain weight, larger breasts, hips, or thighs they didn’t have before. This also causes stretch marks. Body builders and people trying to lose weight, can gain stretch marks if they lose or gain muscle rapidly. Another cause of stretch marks is using steroidal creams for more than their allotted time of just a few weeks.

Stretch marks start as purplish, indented scars, and become lighter and more neutralized over time. However, waiting for the stretch marks to disappear or become less visible, can be a frustrating process, as it can take years for them to go away.

TriLastin SR Stretch Mark Complex ., can help reduce or remove your stretch marks’ appearance, much faster. The cream contains marine collagen and bio active ingredients that when applied to skin, add more elasticity and collagen into the skin. Collagen is what keeps our skin from scarring most of the time, however, when the weight gain is rapid and shocking, our own body’s collagen is just not enough. TriLASTIN’s cream infuses that needed extra collagen into your skin, to create the elasticity needed to remove the stretch marks. The cream is in “dehydrated form,” so that when it is combined with the moisture it finds within your body, it produces a collagen infused treatment. The volume of the hydrated cells is increased, smoothing out the scars and treating them. The overall result is much greater reduction in the visibility of your scars.

The product contains a natural skin lightener, licorice root, which helps gently lighten the marks without the use of the harsh ingredients like hydroquinone. It works on all skin types, both dark and light skin and old and new scars.

Trilastin works on other types of scars also both old and new. If you have a scar with uneven texture and poor tone, the product may help improve it.

The stretch mark removal cream is manufactured in an FDA registered Laboratory by EC Research. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.
Consistent application of TriLASTIN gives results in as little as 3 weeks. You can expect;

~ a reduction in stretch mark depth and length
~ tighter skin
~ more even skin tone
~ increased skin elasticity
~ firmer and more supple skin tissue

A 6 oz tube of this stretch mark treatment lasts between 1 and 2 months and results are permanent. It also helps prevent the formation of new stretch marks by strengthening the skin’s structural proteins.

The TriLASTIN reviews are positive. One woman who gained stretch marks during puberty and has spent thousands of dollars on creams, stated that after 3 weeks of use “Whatever I’m doing is working. My stretch marks are less noticeable everywhere. Especially the ones on my breasts. My hips are second most improved.”

Another woman says “I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I definitely see a difference. My stretch marks are not gone, but they are getting less noticeable, which is better than any other cream I know of.”

If you are bothered by stretch marks, TriLASTIN SR stretch mark removal cream is definitely worth a try. It is recommended that you buy TriLASTIN directly from the manufacturer to ensure the freshest ingredients and that you are purchasing the original product.

Visit Amazon to buy TriLastin SR Stretch Mark Complex 6 oz.

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