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Lauren Hutton Makeup

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Lauren Hutton Makeup

Lauren Hutton Makeup

NOTE: This is an older article. It is hard to find Lauren Hutton Makeup now.

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Lauren Hutton Makeup is a line of anti aging cosmetics from the super model and actress Lauren Hutton.

Lauren is a striking beauty who made headlines with her natural beauty. She does not believe in cosmetic surgery and even refused to get the gap in her teeth fix at a time when it could have hurt her modeling career (instead it made her even more famous). She belives in using what you have and enhancing it.

The outspoken, adventurous beauty worked to develop Lauren Hutton Makeup to help women look gorgeous as they age. Lauren had taken a break from modeling but when she went back in her late 40’s, she found that regular makeup made her look older. She had to invent a new line of makeup that would make her look more youthful and camouflage her beauty problems.

The products she helped to create work. Now in her late 60’s, Lauren looks better than ever. In fact she posed nude when she was 62 to prove a point. Women can be hot and beautiful no matter how old they are.

The key to the line is the texture of the natural ingredients. The makeup is very light but transformational. So it looks invisible and does not pool like traditional makeup does, but by using the techniques taught on the included instructional DVD you can transform your face to create the look you want.

A few well placed brush strokes can erase red spots, lift the chin, diminish wrinkles, decrease the appearance of puffy eyes and much more. Like celebrity skin care secrets, there are celebrity makeup secrets also and Lauren shares professional tips, tricks and secrets she has learned over the years in her DVD.

Lauren likes to keep things simple so her Lauren Hutton Makeup line is color coded to make it easy to learn and apply. This is a very affordable, effective line of anti aging cosmetics.

Currently she has a very special offer on the Lauren Hutton Face Disc. In addition to the makeup, makeup brushes, mascara and DVD, she is giving a number of Bonus offers including a moisturizer, lip pencil, blotting paper and much more!

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Anti Aging Cosmetics for Aging Skin

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Anti Aging Cosmetics for Aging Skin

A quick peek in any drugstore will show a number of cosmetic preparations being touted as anti aging cosmetics.  These anti aging products range from foundations enhanced with antioxidants to lipsticks that promise to increase firmness in your pout.

But do these anti aging cosmetics work? Yes and no. Because these anti aging cosmetic items do not contain drugs they are not regulated by the FDA, Federal Drug Administration, so they may make much more elaborate claims then they live up to.

But at the same time, many of these anti aging products contains moisturizers, antioxidants, and other anti aging cosmetic ingredients that will give the appearance of younger looking skin.  As we age we need to alter our cosmetic choices and how we use them.

Having smooth, even skin is the best way to prepare for any cosmetic application.  As we age skin cell turn over time is slower and dead cells accumulate on the skin making it dull. Be sure to exfoliate to remove these cells.  

Using a quality sunscreen such as La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Lotion and a great anti wrinkle cream like LifeCell on a consistent basis will help give you great skin to start with before you use any anti aging cosmetics.

Choose your foundation and powder carefully. These cosmetics tend to collect in the lines of the skin accenting wrinkles and large pores. It is the same with eye shadow. Eye makeup tends to crease, so using a primer can help set the color. Stick with neutral shades. Bright, colorful shadow tends to look clownish on aging skin. Longer lashes can pull out the eye and there are many over the counter eyelash growth serums such as Rapidlash that can help you grow long, luxurious lashes.

When choosing lipstick, opt for colors that enhance your natural lip color. Warm rosy shades flatter most skin tones. Avoid dull dark shades that accent the lip lines. For lip ideas check out our article on lip makeup.

One type of makeup to consider is mineral makeup. Mineral makup tends to be lighter than traditional makeup and does not puddle in the crevices of the face. Lauren Hutton has a very nice line that is also very affordable. You can read about it here; Lauren Hutton Makeup. Airbrush makeup is another option. With airbrush makeup kits a fine spray of makeup goes on the face giving a natural look.

Click Here for Lauren Hutton Anti Aging Cosmetics

Lauren Hutton Face Disc

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