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Smokey Eyes

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Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

Do you want to look sexy with a hot smokey eyes? Many women think a smoky eye is the best way to pump up the volume and turn your look into an evening worthy statement. Celebrities often sport the sultry eye look on the red carpet, and it’s a classic yet elegant look that easily turns heads. The smoky eye works for women of all ages. It’s important to apply your makeup in the correct way so that your look is elegant, not trashy.

Start off by using a foundation that matches your skin tone on top of your eyelids and around your eyes (you should apply this when you apply your foundation to the rest of your face), then use a loose face powder on top. This will get rid of unnecessary oils and shininess, and also even out your skin tone. It will also prime your face for the makeup you will be applying. Next, use a concealer underneath your eyes to get rid of dark under eye circles and brighten your face. This will make you look awake, and also make your eyes appear larger.

It’s also important to note that if you have fine lines or wrinkles, you should fill these in so that your dark makeup will not get caught in the creases and make them stand out. Use a wrinkle cream every night to prevent new wrinkles from forming and make the others less noticeable. You can also use instant eye lift creams, concealers, and tape, to lift eyes and create a more youthful appearance. An instant eye lift with eye lift tape is a great way to do this. Dream Look Instant Eye Lift works great and is very inexpensive. Click here for an instant eyelift: Dream Look Instant Eye Lift

After priming your eyes, it is now time to create your smoky eyes. Use a dark brown, charcoal, or black eyeliner pencil on your bottom and top lid line.

You can circle the entire eye, or leave the inner corners bare to open them up slightly and make it less dark. Then, use an eyeliner brush with a dark powder on top of the eyeliner pencil line to create a thicker line than you would for normal, everyday makeup. The powder is easier to apply than a liquid eyeliner, and it will create that sexy, smoky effect you are going for. Next, top the eyelid with a nude shadow to prime your eyes for this next step. Add a dark eyeshadow powder on top, like a dark blue or charcoal, using the eyeshadow brush to build from top to bottom. So, apply two layers on your eyelid to make your lids the darkest part, and apply one lighter layer of shadow to the area between your eyebrows and your eyelid. Blend with your finger or the brush.

Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on your eyes. Use a shimmering nude or white eyeshadow right underneath your brows, and in the inner corners of your eyes. This will brighten your eyes, and keep them from looking too dark and from blending into your eyebrows too much. Your sexy, smoky eyes are now ready to flirt and have fun with, and you can go out on the town knowing you look fabulous.

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Instant Eye Lift

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Instant Eye Lift

instant eye lift

Click here for an instant eyelift: Dream Look Instant Eye Lift

Wish you could wave a wand at your eyes and get an instant eye lift? Unfortunately as we age, the eyelids tend to droop and sag giving a tired look to the face. In some cases it can be due to a medical condition such as diabetes, a stroke or even a migraine headache. So you should be sure to share any changes in your eyelids with your physician. For most people though, the drooping eyelid is part of the aging process. And the look is not a pretty one. Not only can it make you look like you need a good nights sleep, but it can also interfere with makeup application.

Though an eye lift might be nice, the expense, downtime and risk can make an eyelid lift without surgery a more desirable option.

Happily there are some things you can do about. The first is to use anti wrinkle cream. A number of companies make these creams. Some are designed just for the eye area and others can be use all over the face. Two to consider; Lifecell and Dermajuv also known as Dermagist. These firming face creams contain ingredients that help strengthen skin tissue which in turn can help diminish the wrinkling and sagging process. In addition, Lifecell contains crystals that reflect the light to create the illusion of smoother skin and give the eye a refreshed look.

There are also makeup products you can use for an instant eye lift. Benefit has a very cool eye product that comes in a tube and looks like a lip gloss – Benefits Cosmetics Ooh La Lift is a delicate pink color that contains light reflecting pigments and raspberry extracts. Benefit Cosmetics Ooh La Lift

If you want really dramatic results without surgery, then you will want to check out the Dream Look Instant Eye Lift product. This is a very fast and effective solution. You simply pop the eye lift tape on your eyelid and it opens the eye dramatically. Dream Look uses a medical grade adhesive and is safe and effective. The tape is invisible so you can wear the product with or without eye makeup. It is also very affordable also at under twenty dollars.

Click here for an instant eyelift: Dream Look Instant Eye Lift

It definitely makes a difference to perk up your eyes. You will look more relaxed, fresher and younger. So try one or more of these ideas for an instant eyelift! Our recommendation is to use a good anti wrinkle cream for long term results and use Dream Look Instant Eye Lift for an instant eye opener! Click here for an instant eyelift: Dream Look Instant Eye Lift

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Dream Look Instant Eye Lift Before and After

Click here for Dream Look Instant Eye Lift

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