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Face Wrinkles

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Face Wrinkles

Face Wrinkles

There is no surer sign of aging, especially in women, than face wrinkles. Oftentimes, they defy how a person feels, and even how the rest of the body may look. An active, healthy 60 year old may feel 20 years younger, and even have the toned body of an athlete, yet those face wrinkles are a dead giveaway of age. The good news is, face wrinkles can be both prevented and minimized.

Face wrinkles are a natural result of aging. Over time, the shape of the face and cranium changes, and the once firm skin now has to adapt. Sadly, it is unable to reattach itself to the new cranial structure, and the end-result is face wrinkles. In many ways, face wrinkles are simply going to occur, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be diminished.

One of the biggest catalysts of face wrinkles is the sun. It’s true that a deep tan may look like a youthful, healthy glow, but it is important to look at the long-term rather than the short-term. The harmful sun rays penetrate deep into the skin, which damages tissues, and, over time, intensifies face wrinkles. Sunblocks and sunscreens protect the outer layers of the skin from damage, but have no protective effects on the deeper tissues, which cause face wrinkles. The best preventative for deep and pervasive face wrinkles, and sunspots on skin, is by limiting direct exposure to the sun.

If you want a deep rich tan, use a tanning system such as Luminess Tan instead of the sun.

The skin is a living organism, and face wrinkles are a sign that it is unhealthy and/or aging. Besides limiting exposure to the sun, you can keep the skin tissue healthy through proper diet, which will also help to alleviate face wrinkles. Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, may help to protect the skin from the negative effects of environmental toxins, and even harmful sun rays. Vitamins B, D and a have also been studied for their positive effects on skin tissue. Vitamins and a healthy diet may not get rid of face wrinkles, but they can help to mitigate many of the environmental factors that cause them.

The skin also requires water. It is very important to keep the body and skin hydrated and moisturized, and doing so is a fine preventative for face wrinkles. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, for one week, and you’ll feel the difference in skin elasticity. Hydrating creams provide moisture from the outside-in, and also help tighten the skin that causes face wrinkles. Many of the new lotions contain ingredients that are catalysts for tissue synthesis, and their use can actually make face wrinkles look smaller. One of the best ways to take care of your skin, and fight off aging, is to hydrate and moisturize.

Hydrate from the outside in also. Buying a humidifier for skin is a small investment to pay for hydrated, soft skin.

Face wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but they can be minimized and protected against. When it comes to face wrinkles, the Sun is “Public Enemy #1,” and direct exposure, even with sunscreen and sunblock, should be limited. Feeding the skin its essential nutrients and antioxidants will also help your skin to stay healthy. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, hydrating and moisturizing, through drinking water and applying lotions and creams, may be your best protection against those deep face wrinkles, which make you look older than you feel.

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Facial Exercises To Help Reduce Wrinkles

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Facial Exercises To Help Reduce Wrinkles


Exercising isn’t just for six pack abs and rock hard thighs. You can exercise your face in order to reduce facial wrinkles. Assuming that you don’t live your entire life with a blank expression on your face, you are likely to end up with either laugh lines or frown lines, often depending on what facial expression was used the most – a smile or a frown. These lines and wrinkles are going to appear around the mouth in a similar shape to the expression. Similarly, other expressions such as raising your eyebrows and squinting will also create permanent wrinkles over time. There really is no escape, but there are exercises that can help reduce your face wrinkles naturally.

Facial Exercise #1: Forehead exercise. If you are a person who frowns daily or if you have a habit of raising your eyebrows often, you will eventually develop forehead wrinkles. The best facial exercise for the forehead is to place your index finger and thumb in the brow area and then slide/push your fingers down while simultaneously fighting it by raising the eyebrows. Repeat at least 10 times. This exercise should pull your forehead skin up and down at the same time and help remove the wrinkles.

Facial Exercise #2: Crow’s feet and eye wrinkles. This exercise involves your eyebrows and eye lids. With your eyes closed firmly, raise your eyebrows. Hold the position for 3 seconds and then rest. Repeat at least 10 times.

Facial Exercise #3: Mouth area. Pucker your lips out as far as they will go, stretching the surrounding area, and then pull back by smiling as wide as possible. Repeat at least 10 times.

Facial Exercise #4: Chin and Neck area: Lift your head high by elongating your neck like a giraffe would. Place your index finger and thumb on your neck and gently resist the force by pulling the skin around the neck area down. Repeat at least 10 times. Another exercise for your chin involves gently tapping the area under your chin. Use the back of your hand with palm facing downward and gently tap the area. Repeat 10 times.

Facial exercises involve pulling, stretching and creating variations to your usual facial expressions. Since facial muscles have little or limited range of motion throughout the day, you will need to set aside time to work the muscles. In addition to helping reduce facial wrinkles, facial exercises can be relaxing and help alleviate stress, so give it a try.

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Five-Minute Face-lift: A Daily Program for a Beautiful, Wrinkle-Free Face

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Stop Smoking To Prevent Lip Wrinkles

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Stop Smoking To Prevent Lip Wrinkles


Experts say that smoking does indeed cause skin wrinkles in addition to all the other negative affects it can have on your health and body. Smoking is known to cause premature aging and is a contributor to the appearance of facial wrinkles especially lip wrinkles.

Like any other bad habit, the  effect of smoking is cumulative.  Common side effects of smoking can’t be seen daily, but will emerge after 10-15 years of abuse. Unfortunately, lifestyle diseases are usually irreversible because they manifest only in later stages.

Next to damaging sun exposure, smoking is the second leading cause of premature aging. It alters your body’s chemical composition and blocks the vitamins A and C from entering the body’s system. With each puff you take free radicals enter your system. These free radicals break down your collagen reserves. Aside from that, nicotine, the number one ingredient in cigarettes causes dehydration making your skin look dull and dry.

In addition to the damage smoking causes inside your body that leads to premature aging, smoking cigarettes also contributes to facial and lip wrinkles forming. Your facial muscles will develop those perpetual hollowed cheeks from years of dragging and puffing cigarettes. Your lips will develop feathers around the edges from pursing the lips during inhalation and exhalation.

Studies have shown that a 30-something person who is a smoker is likely to have the same amount of facial wrinkles that a non-smoker in their 50s would have. That’s how rapidly smoking boosts the natural aging process.

It is best to stop as soon as you can. This way you can prevent premature aging, facial and lip wrinkles brought on by your smoking habit as well as the other ill-effects of cigarettes. While it is easier said than done, new medications are on the market to make it easier. It is never too late to give up the habit, and you can even do it gradually if that suits you best, but the most important thing is for you to quit.

If you continue to smoke you may want to consider the electronic cigarette. These types of cigarettes help cut out the carcinogens, tar and tobacco in cigarettes which contribute to wrinkles and is less expensive than regular cigarettes. However, keep in mind that wrinkles will still form from the pursing action of the mouth muscle.

Healthy living is not all about giving up your vices but it’s also about starting anew. Proper exercise and regular activity in general will improve your blood circulation and replenish your oxygen reserves. Make sure that you maintain healthy levels of balanced vitamins and minerals within your body by taking necessary supplements and focus on making your body look and feel great.

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Dermagist – Dermajuv Wrinkle Treatment Review

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Dermagist – Dermajuv Wrinkle Treatment Review

Rating: ★★★★★


Dermagist wrinkle treatment (formerly known as Dermajuv) offers a complete system for skin rejuvenation and is one of the best wrinkle treatment programs on the market. The Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System combines the use of three high powered, formulas for a 30-45 day period. After the initial cycle using the complete System, a user may choose to repeat the cycle, or use one or more products of their choice.

Three ingredients; MatrixlA, RenovageA and Sesaflash work together to eliminate wrinkles, reduce large pores, correct redness and diminish age spots. These breakthrough ingredients, help the skin regenerate to a more youthful, childlike feel. Skin is lifted immediately and begins the process of regeneration.

The Dermagist system helps to:

  • Replenish 60% of skin functions that had slowed due to aging
  • Improves the skins ability to regenerate itself, and fight signs of aging like redness, enlarged poors, sun spots, and wrinkles
  • Shows an improvement of 100% in the skins ability to fight off signs of aging, on a continued basis when treated with Dermajuv
  • Increases a healthy skin tone and glow to the skin


The complete Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System is $129.99. Dermajuv offers a 30 day refund. A $7.00 restocking fee per bottle is charged and any shipping charges are not refundable.

With top notch ingredients, a very reasonable price point, and a full 30 day try out policy we feel Dermagist is a top choice as one of the best wrinkle treatments on the market today.

Click here to try the Dermagist for Beautiful Skin.

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Revitol Anti Aging Solution Review

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Revitol Anti Aging Solution Review

Rating: ★★★★★

revitol2Revitol Anti Aging Solution utilizes the latest technology with ingredients designed to firm, hydrate, and tighten facial skin and also to help repair the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles.

Revitol wrinkle fighting ingredients include: Q10, Argireline, Skin Tightener ST,Pentacare NA. Hyaluronic Acid and DMAE. Edelweiss Extract and Shea Butter. LipoLight OAP contained in Revitol helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles immediately, while the other ingredients start to change your skin for the long term.


The active incredients in Revitol reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Revitol smooths rough skin, decrease under eye circles and bags, stimulates the renewal of skin cells and promotes skin suppleness and hydration.
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Vicki LaMotta’s 60 Second Face-Lift Review

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Vicki LaMotta’s 60 Second Face-Lift Review

Rating: ★★★★☆

vicki-lamotta5Vicki LaMotta’s 60 Second Face-Lift is a product designed to lift saggy skin, firm, tighten, minimize pores and eliminate wrinkles in minutes. These are temporary effects and the product must be reapplied for repeated results.  (Note: This product is also know as Vikki LaMotta’s 60 Second Face-Lift and as Vicki LaMotta or Vikki LaMotta Wonderlift).

The effects of wearing Vicki LaMotta’s 60 Second Face-Lift, lasts 8-12 hours depending on the wearer’s skin type and the environment. The product glides on easily. Shake the lotion. Apply a small amount to areas that are wrinkly and saggy. Results can be seen in a minute or less. If you see a white residue, cut back on the amount you apply. Just a small amount is needed. The product is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skins. One bottle will last 4-6 weeks depending on useage.


The company shares that the product contains collagen, aloe, vitamin B but does not reveal all of the ingredients, claiming it is a proprietary secret.  Vicki LaMotta is not available in retail stores.

A full 30 day money back guarantee is offered less shipping and handling. The price point is excellent at only $39.95 for a 1 oz bottle.

Visit Vicki LaMotta’s 60 Second Face-Lift.

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7 Natural Ways To Avoid Wrinkles

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7 Natural Ways To Avoid Wrinkles

avoid wrinkles

It’s good news for you if have yet to develop any wrinkles or have minimal wrinkling because there are a number of ways that you can stop wrinkles from developing. And if you have wrinkles there are a number of ways you can turn back the clock to fresher skin and prevent future wrinkles from forming.

Taking care of both the inside and the outside of your body is important to maintain beautiful skin and avoid wrinkles. Make good skin care habits a daily routine. A little prevention now will help keep your skin looking fresh and youthful far into the future.

Here are 7 ways that you can help keep your skin wrinkle-free longer:

Wash your face
Sound obvious? Don’t be so sure. You can actually do more harm than good to your face if you wash it too often, especially if you are not using purified water. The tap water at your house often has too much chlorine in it which can actually add to the development of wrinkles.  Wash your face only once or twice a day. This will help keep it clean, but also not affect the natural moisture and oils that it needs to stay healthy.

Soap and moisturizer choices
When you’re buying soap, be sure to choose the brands that are mild and gentle on the skin. Do not buy soaps that have alkaline. After you wash your face, pat your face almost dry (do not rub hard with the towel). Apply a water-based moisturizer to slightly damp skin. Damp skin will retain the moisturizer better plumping up the skin and helping to keep it soft.

The sun is a huge contributor to the development of wrinkles. It is the main cause of premature aging in both men and women. But it’s obvious that we’re not going to avoid the sun entirely. So, be sure to apply sunscreen, even if it is a cloudy day or you are only going to expose yourself to the sun’s rays for a short period of time. Many sunscreens do not provide adequate protection. Be sure to select a quality sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays cause the most damage and many sunscreens do not block them. A quality sunscreen is inexpensive and one of the best things you can do for your skin.  We recommend La Roche Posay as our top pick for a quality facial sunscreen at a low price point. Click here for La Roche-Posay Anthelios

Eat a Healthy Diet
Studies show that diet accounts for 30% of our skin’s appearance, making nutrition a vital addition to a skin care regimen. A diet rich in leafy vegetables, apples, prunes, tea, olive oil, salmon, eggs and other nutritious foods helps ward off wrinkles and age related skin discolorations.

Sleep on your back
Squishing your face into a pillow actually contributes to facial wrinkles. Sleeping on your back will help slow down the natural effect of gravity pulling your facial skin down. If you do not like sleeping on your back, try a silk pillowcase. Your facial skin will glide against the case instead of getting “bed face” from other materials.

Don’t smoke
Aside from all the other nasty affects smoking cigarettes can have on your health, it’s also very bad for your skin and can cause wrinkles.

Use a wrinkle cream
A high quality wrinkle cream will help nourish the skin, prevent new wrinkles from forming and eradicate exisiting wrinkles. A good one to try is LifeCell. Click here for your free trial of LifeCell.

There’s no absolute way to never have any wrinkles, they are part of aging. But by following tips you will minimize them and defy the signs of aging!

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Facial Wrinkles Detox Therapy

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Light Treatment For Face Wrinkles

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FDA Approved Scar Cream




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